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Posted: 25/04/2008 in Uncategorized
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It seems pretty ridiculous that so large a percentage of the world’s population could be so easily swindled by the Global Warming scam. It kind of reminds me of the controversy that buries Orson Welles production of War Of The Worlds on the radio way back when. People just don’t seem to want to take the time to look for the facts behind the story.

And now, almost behind our backs, right in front of us, in a classic quick change scam, we will have to pay more for our beverages, straight water excluded, I presume. This past Tuesday, after normal hours, but while the lawless lawmakers were still in session in Augusta, the taxes on alcohol and soft drinks were raised in an effort to bolster the failing Socialist health care program, Dirigo.

Disgusting, was my first thought. But then, because I’m always stupid enough to believe what I’m told, I started to check into the current happenings up at Dirigo. I went online to see what their side of the story was.

Here’s what they had to say for themselves………..

Not much of a story, I’d say.

They feel so confident with their successes, they refuse any more applicants due to lack of funding? I’m glad I have my own insurance policy. But Harvard Pilgrim Health is not a Maine company. How did they get into the big picture?

It’s a pretty convoluted tale, and parts of it seem to be missing, art least for now. But I still plan on poking a stick at this sleeping skunk for a good long while. Dirigo was formed in 2003 has a solution to rising health care costs, and Maine’s growing ranks of the uninsured. Basically, as I understand it, it was supposed to be a health insurance plan for Maine’s lower income population, and at the same time, lower costs for other residents by generating savings amongst the health insurance companies. And in good Socialist fashion, this was to be subsidized by the hardworking people of Maine in the form of taxes.

Socialized medicine doesn’t work folks. Check out the facts about health care in the former communist bloc nations, Great Britain and the United States of Europe, Canada and any other country that provides ‘free’ health care. Nothing in this world is free, except the air you breath. Somebody has to pay for it, eventually. And so is the case with this little experiment being conducted by the Liberal lefties in Augusta. But don’t take my word for it, I’m just a nobody. Do the research and find out for yourselves how much this program is going to cost the taxpayers of Maine.

According to several articles, the budget for the current fiscal year for Dirigo is $58m. That reads fifty eight million, or if you were putting it in the top corner of a check, $58,000,000.00. That’s a lot of money for one year. I wonder where it all goes to? My own insurance policy has a lifetime cap of one million dollars. 58 million is a lot of lifetimes. You don’t suppose there are anywhere near fifty eight million in the program, do you? Of course not. But Dirigo is not a self standing insurance company. It is a state sponsored program that was administered by Anthem Blue Cross, until this year. That’s when Harvard stepped in to take over administration.

So how much are you and I shelling out for this program, and does it really work? There are several figure roaming around out there, ranging from 14,000 to 18,000 people participating in the program. So figure the true cost like this; a budget of $58,000,000 divided between 18,000, the high figure for enrollment as of 5 April ’08, means it costs you and I 3.2 million dollars for each and every person on the program for the budget period. Are you gonna tell me that 18,000 people in Maine received 3.2 million each for health care? Where in hell is this money going to? I have a hard time believing that this program can be considered a success in any way shape or form. No way, no how.

So these bonehead legislatures we made the mistake of electing went and approved another tax hike on alcohol and soft drinks. Both bottled and syrup even. The fact is that it really doesn’t raise the total cost up by much, but it is the wrong thing to do. The claim made in Augusta is that these products lead to health issues because people who lead unhealthy lives consume the product. Hogwash. If that’s the case, how come they don’t impose hefty taxes on television sets, cable and satellite TV service, video games and DVD’s? that’s the real reason behind our growing obesity problem. I know that from personal experience.

Dirigo needs to go. It is not a successful business model, never has been, never will. The purpose was to reduce costs for everyone, but in truth, the only thing that will reduce costs is free market reform in the state’s insurance industry. But of course, free market economy destroys Socialism, doesn’t it?

Congratulations goes out to John and Brendan Ready of Portland for thier SBA award

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so right on with your view of the soda tax. Will Maine never learn that the few people that work there, the one’s lucky enough to find work, can’t carry on their backs the tax load the idiots in Augusta want them to carry. Maine needs to downsize their legislature and then elect people who are actually going to do something good for the state.

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