Going with the flow on Maine’s rivers

Posted: 01/05/2008 in Uncategorized
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Some recent articles highlight the spring freshets that Maine suffers through every spring, some worse than others. This year doesn’t seem to be too bad so far, and the worst is over as no huge storms remain in sight, at least for a few days. Although The County along the St. Johns and other waterways are getting it pretty badly. The recent record snowfalls added a lot of frozen water to be mixed in with this last storm. It seems funny that with all of that hydraulic power available that people are still concerned over what are called fossil fuel power plants. Maine’s rivers are an ideal source of energy, and being right here in the state, at low cost.

PPL energy will be rebuilding the plant at Orono on the Penobscot River in a project that will entail removal of two other dams at Howland and Veazie to allow free passage of Atlantic Salmon and other species into the upper reaches of the river. Just goes to show that technology and nature can co-exist without a lot of hassle from either end. The Maine DEP should bear that in mind while working out the decision for the Scribner’s Mill dam on the Crooked river in Harrison.

Instead of caving into one special interest or the other, a compromise is certainly do-able in light of this project, as well as the dam and restoration of the St. Croix waterway. Scribner Mill Preservation has what seems to me to be an ample plan for the passage of fish as well as the restoration of what could be a very valuable asset to the economic future of Harrison. Envision a Harrison much like Sturbridge, attracting tourists and their dollars. Coming to the little village to view the sites, do a little shopping, view the museums and working history exhibits, topping of the day with a nice meal and then some entertainment at the Deertree’s Theater. Money in the pocket, or stand on the roadside watching people fishing from their boats, not really spending any money in Harrison, except for maybe beer and a pack of smokes while they fuel up.

Maine’s rivers offer a great opportunity for tourism in Maine, from boating and fishing, to simply enjoying a stroll along the banks. Kayaking, canoeing, fly-fishing, photography, bird watching are all activities that can generate income for a community. In today’s unstable economy, we need to be able to adapt and share the needs of the tourist industry along with the needs of other industries. Electrical generation from our rivers is clean and renewable, affordable energy.

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