We’ll Take Your Money, But…..

Posted: 16/05/2008 in defense, military
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We want your tax dollars, but we also don’t want to earn them? Is that the message being being delivered here in Bath the day of the christening of the USS Stockdale?

It’s amazing how all of these special interest groups like to spend their time protesting the things that allow them the freedom to protest in the first place. Protesting of war is not a new pastime. It has taken place at every war in every century for eons. These things are unheard of in the general press as the embarrassment of that behavior is that which we wish to avoid. But war is, unfortunately, a way of life for mankind. As terrible a thing that war is, it is want to happen. And for those who realize these things, and prepare for the eventual conflict, they will be better suited to come to the end of the conflict a victor.

The United States did not become the world leader it is because of luck and skillful politicking, it became a leader because of its might. The military force is one of the required facets of the constitution that allows us the freedom to enjoy our natural, God given rights. Since we first gained our freedom from England, we have constantly been ready for war against foreign powers. And we have consistently remained victorious in every war in which we have fought to win.

And we have done so because our tax dollars have been used to maintain and improve our defensive position in the world. But the benefits of defense spending go beyond protection of our borders and freedoms. Defense spending also provides an important support of our economy as a nation. While these same people that protest the building of warships and the war in Iraq seem to believe that we are better off without the military, they also fail to realize that many of the things they wish to promote exist only because of our military spending.

To take the presence of the Bath Iron Works as an example, we need to look at what the area would be like without its existence. Thousands of people have been employed at the shipyard over the years contributing wages to the local economy. Local stores have partaken of the benefit of those paychecks in the form of sales of food and general merchandise. Banks and realtors have made money by processing those checks and having accounts held at those institutions while realtors have sold homes to these same employees as well as the rental income segment has.

Car dealers have sold cars to people employed by BIW. Doctors have made money through providing health care. The towns have gained tax income on the property taxes collected from these employees in addition to the taxes paid to Bath by BIW. Teachers have been hired to teach the employees children. The local economy of Bath and surrounding communities would never have flourished as it has without the contracts provided by the DOD to BIW for the construction of these warships.

But the benefits to society of military spending go far beyond the simple act of providing a paycheck to an individual worker. Every time you open a can of food, you have the military to thank for it. Napoleon needed a way to provide a safe means of feeding his army, and because of that, the tin can was born. Dried and powdered food was developed for the same reasons. The ever popular Tang™ flavored drink was born of the space program.

Vacuum sealing was also military induced research. And then there are all of the medical advances made because of military spending. The lists are way too long to go into any great detail here, but the bottom line is, without defense spending, we would not be as well off as a society without that spending. Some people do not appreciate that as being the truth, but it is.

Protesting of wars will always be around, but we need the military, and the military needs us. Plain and simple. Personally, I am proud that we have the best military in the world, and I’d like to see things stay that way. If these groups want to protest, why don’t they protest the true drainage of our tax dollars and go after the special interest groups that lobby for earmark funding to attain their goals. Goals that do nothing to benefit the public good, but serve to line the pockets of a chosen few. And those chosen few do not really care whether you have the right to protest or not. The right to protest remains available because we, as a nation, have chosen to maintain a military dedicated to preservation of our rights, and our freedoms.

Jeremiah 51:20 (King James Version)

20 Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;


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