Maine Candidates part III

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With the June primaries right around the corner I thought I’d start to take a look at what we’ve got to pick from for candidates. I’ll start out with the Senate race and work my way down. As far as the Presidential goes, I believe I’ll be voting for John McCain. On 21 May I started to list my reasons for supporting or not supporting each of these candidates.

Here’s the Maine Senate race card;

Susan Collins (R) Incumbent presented on 21 May ‘08

Tom Allen (D) Congressman, Ex-Portland Mayor & Attorney presented on 22 May ‘08 presented 22 May ’08

Tom Ledue (D) Educator

Laurie Dobson (Independent) Landscape Contractor, Ex-Journalist & Peace Activist

Herb Hoffman (Independent) Retired Psychologist, Army Veteran & Peace Activist

Dexter Kamilewicz (Independent) Realtor, Peace Activist & ’06 Congressional Candidate

Bill Slavick (Independent) Peace Activist, Retired Journalist, Army Veteran & ’06 Candidate

Tom Ledue

I read a few thing about this Tom on his website. Some of the ideas he presents are pretty interesting and hold some promise. But an article from the Farmington Flyer, the campus newspaper of UM Farmington says quite a bit more about him. Ledue was quoted as saying “As a people we need to reclaim our government; remember that it is ours,” which is a very true statement. I would wonder as to whether he holds to that position, or is it just another advertising gimmick?

Our government has in fact become a good ole boy society of the haves and have mores. The recent Farm Bill boondoggle proves that point. With business as usual increasing our tax burden while at the same time heaping more and more regulation upon us and defeating our ability to compete in the growing world economy, it is time for a change. A real change in leadership. But can this man provide this leadership?

Susan Mustapich of the Camden Herald says “Ledue talks about political ideas grounded in the roots of the country, and aimed at reclaiming the promise of our country’s ideals. He casts Allen’s and Collins’ ideas, and much of what is talked about in the Senate, as “just tinkering in the margins.” in a 17 Feb ’08 article. Sounds like a lot of sense. Maine sense in fact. I wondered if he was able to follow through with his “sense” and did some digging.

In a 12 Dec ’03 article from the American Youth Policy Forum, an issue concerning the tracking of the Nations students was discussed, and the benefits of what is called de-tracking. Here’s a couple of quotes from that article;

Tom Ledue, Assistant Principal at Noble High School, North Berwick, Maine, believes detracking is critical to our democracy. He and Nancy Freese, a teacher at Noble High School, spoke about the move to detrack at their school. Noble serves students from three towns in Maine; it is located in a rural community and its cost per pupil is below the national average. Many of the students come from poor families, and parental education levels are low. Despite these demographic challenges, efforts to detrack Noble High School and improve the educational outcomes for all students have been successful.”

Ledue identified some additional factors essential to detracking, including an “enlightened” superintendent who decided to make a change in school leadership and a new principal “with uncommon vision and tenacity who believes that every single student has amazing potential.” …..student test scores improved significantly over time.”

It seems he’s willing to stick his neck out and run the race in a different direction than the rest of the pack. I like a lot of what he seems to imply, even though much of it veers towards the UN dogma of philosophy. A couple of points I don’t like is that he spoke at a rally in support of six activists who had been charged with trespassing at Susan Collins office in Bangor last year. The activists were not convicted of the crime of trespassing, by the way, a few days(weeks) ago. I don’t have a problem with protesting and activism, as it is part of the free political process in this country and does contribute to change. However, these six people were charged with trespassing not because they were at Susan Collins office, but because they refused to leave a Federal building after the building closed for the day. Totally different issues.

Another thing that I don’t like about him is that he places too much emphasis on the Global Warming issue thinly veiled as the Climate Change issue. We need to take a stand in this country against those who would do us harm, both environmentally and economically as well. There are many NGO’s that are more than happy to bleed the taxpayer dry to promote and solidify their own emotional state of well being. This issue surrounding something that has been in process over many eons of time is actually nothing more than a way to impose yet another unneeded burden upon the citizenry in the form of a UN driven Carbon Tax. It’s time we taxpayers wake up and smell the coffee burning over this issue and put an end to it.

The latest UN report pushing this propaganda had a total of 52 scientists in support of Global Warming, while over thirty thousand scientist signed on in opposition of Global Warming being caused by mankind. The UN keeps claiming a consensus exists, but since when is 52 people a consensus? Tom Ledue’s standing on the Global Warming issue is my biggest reservation regarding any potential support. So, my vote for Tom Ledue is Maybe.

Psalm 119:98-100 (King James Version)

98 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me.

99 I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.

100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.


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