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William Cohen in running for VEEP spot? Can this be true?


Bottled water, anyone?

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Back in March of this year, I did a post on the issue of bottled water, which you can read here for more info. Apparently, even though no longer of interest to the news outlets, the battle still goes on. Stay tuned for more later this week. Perhaps it’s time turn turn the heat up under the bottle?

Nestle’s Poland Spring water bottle battle


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Wabanaki Confederacy Conference news…

Not only screwed in the casinos, Native Americans screwed out of potential billions…

A Real Holy Roller Story…

A new Fed agency, the FCI!

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That’s right folk, soon there may be a new Federal Agency knocking on your front door. Ready to bust you, and throw away the jailhouse key. Fines and jail time may be the punishment this new agency looming on the horizon of the United States’ future. What is it? Why it’s the FCI, of course! The Federal Carbon Inspectors! Ready to condemn you for daring to terrorize the world by opening that can of soda pop. Which of course, is going to become a banned substance, since the result of opening a container of carbonated beverage will result in polluting the environment with GHG causing CO2!
As the environmental community struggles to find new ways to save the environment, the leaders remain huddled in back rooms conspiring to find new ways to stop that which human kind cannot stop. That would be climate change, or as the hysterical crowd likes to call it, global warming. In a 25 June Reuters article, reports “said 41 percent of Britons think the country will need its own Carbon Police Force by mid-century and one quarter believe repeat offenders will have to go into carbon rehab and take carbon addiction classes.”
Briton knows that the 80% carbon output reduction as desired by the Energy Savings Trust is unattainable. The fear is that the government will impose steadily more restrictive rules on the use of carbon fuels in order to reach that goal, and may institute an agency to address that very same failure by punishing the citizens.
However, CO2 output is expected to rise by an output rate of more than 50% by the year 2030 according to the EIA in another Reuters article from the following day. A large part of those emissions will be an annual 3.3% projected increase in coal burning by China, while the US consumption is expected to rise by only 1.1%. For any country to actually meet the desire CO2 reduction goals as proposed by the UN under the Kyoto agreement is impossible. When a nation grows, its consumption grows.
So the possibility of a real Carbon Cop coming to your door, is more than probable. In fact, there already is a Carbon Cop around. ABC has a television show called Carbon Cop’s, a reality based show where, according to the shows website, two people “Lish Fejer and Sean Fitzgerald, scientists passionate about the environment, show us how we can all make the necessary changes to reduce domestic carbon emissions and the good news is it’s not that hard to achieve.” Now before you go off the deep end here, that’s ABC as in Australian Broadcasting Corp. not American Broadcasting Corp. Although, with the popularity of these engineered reality shows on TV today, I’m surprised it isn’t shown here yet. Maybe in syndication?
Lorrie Goldstein has an article in the 02 March ’08 issue of the Toronto Sun where he writes that the “study the David Suzuki Foundation released last week to bolster its case for a $100 per tonne carbon tax accurately explained the motivation behind all these government mandated, central planning programs. To wit, all involve: “(P)assing the cost of carbon on down through the supply chain and on to industry and eventually consumers. This is the raison d’etre of a carbon price …” See, Canada is getting into the act as well. Briton is afraid, Australia is afraid, Canada is afraid, though none will admit it.
There’s even a website, Be Your Own Carbon Cop, that shares some ideas on how can police your own Carbon footprint. Of course, the links that tell you how much you can save, or how much your use of carbon don’t seem to be working, but they do have a page that shares some nifty little tidbits of things you can do, like donating 10% to a worthy cause. Naturally, there’s a link on how you can send them some money, and get trees planted in your name. This also is an Australian organization.
Sticking with Australia, I find a service type firm called Perth Carbon Cops where for a paltry $315AU they’ll do an initial Energy Investigation & Energy Report for a private home (up to 4 bedrooms. Skipping around the world to the UK. A berg called Colchester has a community flyer out where the entire back page entices you to become a Carbon Cop. They make some suggestions on what you can do as well, such as checking on colleagues and making sure they are switching off monitors, air conditioners, lights etc to save their energy usage, and subsequently lower their Carbon footprint.
I could go on about the enforcement angle of this CO2 farce, but I won’t, except to share an article that was posted on ENN’s site regarding Greece’s suspension from the UN Carbon Trading scheme back in April of this year. The article reported that “Greece is declared to be in non-compliance,” the enforcement branch said in a statement distributed by the Bonn-based U.N. Climate Change Secretariat” The article also stated that “A group of legal experts enforcing compliance with the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol also said it was opening proceedings against Canada for alleged violations of rules”
“The Kyoto Protocol imposes a cap on emissions of greenhouse gas by some 37 industrialized countries but allows them to meet their targets by paying for emissions cuts elsewhere, such as in the developing world or former east bloc nations.” the article explains. So we can see that enforcement of these emission rules are going to be taken quite seriously by those that have the most to gain from them. That would, for the most part, be the UN. A country gets suckered into agreeing to a contract they can’t really ever hope to meet, and they can pay money to an entity designated by the UN to avoid penalties and punishment. Sounds like redistribution of wealth to me.
What’s interesting to me in all of this is how Maine is taking to the idea like a duck to water, prodded along by our Socialist politicians and other groups. Pierce Atwood hosted a “brown bag” event on 20 Feb of this year to push the renewable energies market. Did you know that they also provided a presentation to the UN’s UNECE Committee on Sustainability in 2005? And also in 2006? That’s a company right here in Maine that’s already on top of what the UN wants out of their puppet nations for obedience. And of course, Maine is right on track with the rest of the parade. We even have a pretty picture of comrade Gorskies broken hockey stick chart, as some call it, on a taxpayer supported webpage that’s shows how much damage man is causing to the environment by excessive consumption of CO2.
Ever noticed an odd thing about that chart? They have a link to the original posting site here. Did you click it? That’s right, takes you right to the good ‘ole UN. At any rate, when you do any real research on the issue of Carbon taxes, or Cap and Trade as some folks like to call the auctions, the trail always leads back to the UN. And it doesn’t stop at the ICCC conference level either. It goes back beyond that point to the Zedillo Conference on Mexico back in 2000, but was discussed even earlier. The earliest reference I’ve found so far is from the early eighties, where Sweden’s own Carbon emissions tax was enacted. Surprisingly, it’s been suggested that after nearly thirty years of paying the tax to the government, Swedish CO2 reductions have amounted to less than 2%. I’m still trying to verify that statement though, but it’s probably accurate.
But as reported by News Busters in February, “Emerging economies such as China are justified in holding back on fighting greenhouse gas emissions until richer polluters like the United States do more to solve the problem, former Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday.” So it’s OK to tax the people of America, but not China? Hmmm. I guess I’ll cut off with this quote from the same article, “Never mind that any cuts in emissions by America will easily be matched by increases from China in the coming years, and that this will give that nation an even greater economic advantage thereby increasing the trade imbalance that people on the left like Gore claim is going to lead to a devaluation in the dollar and our own financial ruin.”
How’s that old tune by Ricky Nelson go?
I went to a Carbon party, to trade credits with my old friends

Get ready for higher air fares due to Carbon Taxes…

Non-profits profit from CO2…

The big news over the last couple of days is the story surrounding the Supreme Courts overturning of the DC gun ban. In a 5 to 4 ruling, the Court upheld the fact that the purpose of the 2nd amendment was to certify that the citizenry was allowed to possess firearms for personal protection and hunting. There exists in the volumes of history no shortage of references to the issue of weapons in the hands of a nations population. Those nations whose population are allowed to defend themselves remain free nations. Those who do not, become dictatorial nations with an enslaved citizenry.
When a nation is armed for self defense, it is armed against tyranny. Many people disagree with the ruling, as well as with the concept of owning a firearm in the home, and claim that the 2nd amendment suggests that it was intended for these firearms to be used for military purposes, and that only the militia, which today is the National Guard, should be allowed to use firearms. But this position simply doesn’t hold. The militia of today is not the militia of the latter 1700’s.Today , the militia is considered to be our weekend warriors, the National Guard. But 230 years ago, the militia consisted of people like you and me. everyday folk who were bent upon maintaining their freedom, unwilling to let a single man, or group of men from attaining complete control and authority over the populace of the newly formed nation. An armed nation is a free nation, as the saying goes.
But not so in every nation in the world. While we sit around sipping mocha latte’s at Starbucks complaining about how the cost of gas is the fault of speculators, other nations are embroiled in poverty and political slavery. The Houston Chronicle this morning had a story about a woman who was trying to report another woman who had died in the Rio Grande area of Texas. She had perhaps died of maybe a scorpion sting or snake bite. Sounds like a simple story, but the reality is that these women were being smuggled into the United States illegally, fleeing from nations that would prefer their own citizens not have the right to keep and bear arms. Nations embroiled in poverty and despair, lacking the simple things you and I take for granted.
The freedom that the United States has attained is unlike freedom in many other nations. We look upon the signs of freedom as being able to participate in elections, protest the government, things like that. But that really isn’t necessarily freedom. Take Zimbabwe for instance. Today, or yesterday, depending on the time zone differences, a national election is being held for the presidency. Robert Mugabe, president for nearly thirty years now is expected to win by a landslide vote. Of course, one of the reasons for that landslide victory is because the opposition is not in a position to defend themselves. The result of which have been countless beatings and an unknown number of murders for the purpose of intimidating and oppressing the people of Zimbabwe. After all, doesn’t a majority vote mean the people want the winner to be the elected representative of a nation? (continued below)

But in most nations of the world, elections are usually a one way race, and Zimbabwe has become no different. Morgan Tsvangirai pulled out of the race last Sunday, after winning the first round of elections in March, but not by a margin large enough to ensure victory in a runoff election. Odds are, he would have handily won this time around if Mugabe had not threatened a civil war if he was not elected president once again. And on top of that threat, Zanu-PF party members began a campaign of terror and harassment to bully the opposition party members, the MDC into retreating in fear from their support of Tsvangirai.

Assassination and intimidation does not result in a free and democratic election. Intimidation is just another tool of a cowardly bully. One who is intent upon control at any cost. After shuttering Zimbabwe’s borders to much needed food and medical aid to his starving nation, Mugabe began detaining MDC officials and foreign aid workers, as well as diplomats. Zimbabwe has become a nation where a loaf of bread is selling for 30 billion Zimbabwean dollars, not that you can find a loaf of bread in the now empty markets. After the election it is expected that MDC party members, and other opponents of Mugabe’s regime will flee the country for protection and relief.
A similar cycle of events propelled Somali refugees into America a few years ago, and Maine now has a growing population of these immigrants. Will Maine accept these new arrivals with the same open arms? It will take perhaps months before this happens, but it will. Lady liberty still stands in New York harbor, with the flame of freedom lighting the way for the impoverished and downtrodden people of the world. Her light still shines because the United States of America is one of the few countries in the world where the right to keep and bear arms is central to retaining our freedom from oppression.
Bullies and thugs will only remain in power so long as they can intimidate and control their victims. When their victims become able to defend themselves, they will no longer be victims, but instead become victors in the wars of oppression around the world. Don’t let left wing liberal rhetoric fool you into believing that your rights to freedom are secondary to the Socialist dogma that the good of the whole takes priority over the good of the one. Fight for your right to remain free by voting for representatives who support the constitution and the way of life as I was meant to be. Anti gun, cradle to the grave Democrats are willing to give up that freedom in exchange for not having to take personal responsibility for themselves. But by giving up that responsibility, they usher in the way for a government who will be no different than the rest of the world. The United States of America is a unique nation upon the world. Instead of trying to be like every other nation, we need to encourage other nations to be like us. At least while we are still free to do so.