The District Two Race….

Posted: 03/06/2008 in Uncategorized
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There doesn’t seem to be much of a race going on for District 2 this time around. Near as I can tell, Tom Mooney seems to be a no show or has dropped out. That leaves the Incumbent Mike Michaud and some clown named John Frary. I’m a Republican, and try to always vote that way out of loyalty, but If I lived in District 2, I’d be voting for Michaud, a Democrat this time around. For the most part, Frary has a huge website, lots of words in it, and he fails to say one word. I get absolutely no confidence in his ability as a representative for me.

In my humble opinion, anyone who uses that many words to make a point is either a well paid lawyer, or he doesn’t have a point. Michaud, on the other hand says what he wants to say in a few words. One of the claims he makes is that he supports the PAYGO budget process, and helped to develop the rules that particular, seemingly ignored, budget tool uses. Tom Allen bragged up his connection to PAYGO as well, but we all know how that worked out. Mike, at least in part, seems to try to adhere to the idea that a government cannot spend more than it makes.

Being a Democrat, the solution is to raise taxes. That’s where the biggest problems I have with him are, especially since he has bought into the false global warming story that allows the UN to sneak in and suck hidden taxes out of us through the bogus cap and trade schemes. You know, I haven’t yet found a person who can tell me where all of this money is going to. So, in District 2, where I don’t live and have no vote I present two choices. Unfortunately, I have to pick a Democrat, Mike Michaud, for my pick. John Frary just doesn’t sound to me like somebody who can play the game.

Politics isn’t something that is a clear cut activity. You have to be able to make concessions and deals. You have to be able to get others to support your bills, and you have to support others. It isn’t nice, and it isn’t clean, but that’s the way it is. If he had (Frary) a somewhat sensible message, I’d certainly support him.

The District one race is a little more muddled at this point. With nearly ten serious contenders, it’ll take a couple or three days to go through everyone, so I’ll start next time.

Another subject I plan on concentrating on over the next few weeks is this issue over alternative fuels. I feel as though it is vital for Maine’s future that we not be led astray, and get sucked into some alternative fuel nightmare that we eventually will be stuck paying for. Everybody is aware of the steadily increasing cost of heating oil, but how many realize that the price of alternative heating is skyrocketing as well as demand increases.

I mentioned about the interest in pellet fuel and how that may one day become too expensive for the average Mainer. Wood heating would be rising in cost, I cautioned, and today I read in a couple of paper about the increasing cost of cordwood and a lessening supply, which will raise the costs even more. Eventually, the public will catch on to the little secrets behind the global warming game, but it will be too late.

Reading some archives, I came across an article from October ’07 that said cordwood was going for as much as $230 per cord. This spring, that’s where the price is starting out. A couple of suggestions were pointing towards $300 per cord towards Fall for delivered, but not stacked and split.

As for me, I’m planning on stocking up early on insulating supplies this time around.

Till next time, that’s Dan’s Maine View.


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