Obama Clinches Nomination…..(maybe)

Posted: 04/06/2008 in UN
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Of course, the big news today is Obama’s clinching of the Democratic nomination. Even though Clinton won handily in S. Dakota, Obama still garnered the 2,118 votes needed to claim the victory. But now he has a problem. What’s he going to do with Hillary in respect to the Hill. And what is she going to do with the results. There are reports that she will concede to Obama, and there are reports that she won’t. While Obama may have the majority of the super delegate votes at the time, don’t forget that those votes are not going to be cast until this August. A lot can happen between now and then.

Some of the papers yesterday were reporting that there seems to be some kind of video of a racist speech that Obama’s wife made that could be quite damaging to his campaign. Given the fact that Hillary still has a lot of support, she could still pick up the nomination on 27 August by staying in the race. Talk is that Obama will offer her the Vice Presidency spot in the campaign. If he does that puts an end to her campaign should she accept. And if she does, there’s always the possibility the she would be president should anything happen to Obama. Or, she could run as an Independent in the general election process, possibly drawing the popular vote away from Obama, forcing the Electoral College to split votes three ways, resulting in a sure win for McCain. Don’t forget that the President is not elected by popular vote but by an Electoral vote consisting of representatives from the states.

A USA Today/Gallup poll claims that Obama is ahead of McCain nationally at 47 to 44%. Given the margin of error, if there were a three way race at this point, neither Clinton nor Obama would have enough support to pull off a win in November. And then Obama has to remember that Clinton is still a US Senator from New York. How much damage can she cause to his plans while acting as a Senator? Will she play nice and go along with his efforts to change America into his image of a Socialist Nation? Or will she snipe and fight against him at every turn, which will assist the conservative cause in the long run? Both Obama and Clinton seem bent upon embracing the UN’s one world government view, and are ready to embrace the Carbon Tax and a newly developing Food Tax that will eventually come to light next year. And along with those taxes will come increasing control over our own country by external parties. Don’t believe me? do the research.

Speaking of the coming Food Tax and controls, let’s take a look at the UN Summit being held this week in Italy. According to a NY Times article, http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/04/world/04food.html?th&emc=th, UN spokesperson and Director General of the FAO, Jacques Diouf claims the answer is more aid and relief, costing up to at least thirty billion dollars per year. The article says that most of the world leaders at the summit agreed that the solution was more assistance. The way to arrive at that assistance? “Immediately deliver more food aid to the world’s hungry. Provide small farmers with seeds and fertilizer. Scrap export bans and restrictions. And vastly increase agriculture research and outreach programs to improve crop production.” The article says.

Sounds like the UN is gearing up to make a grab at some more money. The LA Times reports that “World powers must act quickly and boldly to control soaring food prices that threaten nearly 1 billion people with hunger and could trigger devastating social unrest across the globe, the United Nations said Tuesday.” Putting an emotional spin on a problem is typical of liberal planning. Make an emergency out of a situation and the people will support your cause. Problem is, with all of the most needed areas blocked off to aid by those countries who need the aid most, whose fault is it? Myanmar has suffered horribly from that typhoon, and yet refuses to allow foreigners to contribute aid with no strings attached. The ruling party will only allow aid that allows their own dictatorial government to come out stronger, and the citizens of Myanmar to become weaker. It was announced yesterday that the US Navy is giving up on trying to provide aid, with offers of assistance being refused by that government.

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe has suspended aid to untold thousands of in May because of claims that foreign aid groups in the form of various NGO’s were destabilizing his regime, even though he lost the election for the countries presidency so far. I don’t believe he’s going to be leaving office, no matter the outcome. But he’s 84 years old. How much longer can he last? But the story keeps cropping up all over the world, especially in Sub Saharan Africa. Starving people continue to starve simply because the dictatorial leadership is afraid to lose power. Democracy remains a threatened existence as long as these people are allowed to remain in power. Socialism is not an agreeable form of government to those of us who love freedom, but the UN keeps pushing for its growth with its interference in world matters.

Obama may have made history by being the first black candidate for the Presidency, but I’m not sure as he’s what is best for America. His political leaning shows more and more that he would rather support the growth of the UN’s control by supporting the Green’s Red policies and the global Carbon Tax some of our turncoat representatives in Washington are supporting. Do the research and look at the facts for yourself. In ever increasing ways, the United States is coming under more and more control of external powers, threatening our democracy.

When you look at the electoral process and compare candidates, keep in mind that there is more at stake here than one would think, even on a local level. Pay attention to views, and more attention to actions. Exactly where does your candidate stand on all of the issues. Small matters might be allowed concession, but not the ones that allow us to continue on in the fashion our country was formed by. Do the research, don’t vote simply according to what the advertising says.

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