The Hungry Vote Too………

Posted: 04/06/2008 in UN
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I still haven’t fully decided how I am going to vote in the District one race for the open congressional seat. Some of the contenders have viable qualities, while others are not even worth considering, at least by my way of thinking.

In part I was somewhat sidetracked today with the World Food Summit being held in Rome today. Supposedly a precursor to the G8 Summit to be held later this year, it appears as though it’s turning into quite a side show. One of the top headliners is the word that Zimbabwe’s ruler Mugabe has attended, in spite of the EU ban against his traveling to any EU country. A legal loophole exempting UN sanctioned meetings allows the dictator to attend. Apparently, Mugabe wasted no time in using the opportunity to whine about how evil the west is, and how he was not to blame for his countries problems. I would say he’s probably a little upset at having lost the March elections to Tsvangirai. According to an All Africa.Com report, there were stories of his bodyguards attacking reporters while taking Mugabe’s picture. I suspect we haven’t seen the last of this dictator, not by a long shot.

In a similar vein of stupidity, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took the occasion as an opportunity to share some more of his anti-Jewish hatred. According to a Telegraph.Co.Uk article, Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying “I do not believe my statements [at the conference] will cause any problems. People love what I say because they are trying to save themselves from the oppression of Zionists.” I tend to wonder when the crap will hit the fan over this guy. It would be nice if our candidates could fill out a form and simply let us know where they stand on issues like this. I do not believe that the President we elect this coming November will be a two termer. There is so much more coming to a boil in this world, and the left wants to concentrate on a narrow minded platform of pulling out of Iraq and impeaching Bush and Cheney. The list of issues we need to address is almost endless, and any number of these issues can bankrupt us as a nation if we are not careful.

A couple of the concerns to be addressed by the 40 or so countries attending the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organizations (FAO) meeting will be the rising costs of oil and the bio-fuel’s impact on the worlds food supply. Euro-News claims that “Between 20 and 50 percent of all the colza and maize grown globally goes into the production of fuel, representing one percent of all cultivated land.” I find it interesting that the bio-fuel industry is having such an impact on food prices is only one percent of all farming is dedicated to the bio-fuels industry. The implication is that one fourth to one half of all corn and colza in the world is going into the fuels sector. So what about the other 99 percent of farmland? What is being grown on that acreage? But more importantly, rice and wheat are the major food staples of the world, not corn. So what does the UN say about these food costs?

The World Bank claims that food costs have risen 83% over the last three years, and says that an increasing tendency to divert food crops to bio-fuel product, as well as increasing energy costs and speculative buying have all contributed to this rise. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wants the world’s nations to suspend protective export laws, subsidies and tariff structures as a way to reduce prices. Evidently Ban Ki-moon doesn’t pay much attention to his own organization. Some of the problems with the current energy price spikes and ethanol stem from the UN’s claim of manmade global warming. Even though the UN advocated taxing energy in the way of Carbon Taxes, they don’t seem to think this tax has any bearing in the increasing fuel costs? The use of bio-fuels was even suggested by the UN as a way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and slow this fabled global warming trend.

But the UN is just using this manufactured catastrophe to claim it is all manmade, and mankind needs to take responsibility for it, and solve the problem. And of course, the solution involves taxes and more controls imposed by the UN, further strengthening their existence as the One World Government. Socialist propaganda seems to be increasingly prominent in almost every aspect of what the UN tries to accomplish. Tax the rich and give to the poor. Marx & Lenin referred to this as redistribution of wealth. And a solution suggested is that the world ratify or accept the Doha WTO agreement the UN is trying to push. Good move for Sub-Saharan Africa, but bad for the US.

As we head into the electoral process with earnest, we need to bear in mind that our representatives in Washington have a lot more to do with world politics than they seem to get credit for. I would like to know how they stand on these issues. Impeaching Bush and Cheney isn’t going to happen. Pulling out of Iraq by the end of January ’09 isn’t going to happen. The UN imposed Carbon Taxes will happen though, and how do these candidates stand on that issue?


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