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Posted: 15/06/2008 in Uncategorized
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There are a lot of problems with living here in Maine. Gas prices are one of those problems. An even bigger problem is the cost of heating fuel.Especially here in Maine. And with winter coming upon us faster than we realize, it’s best to prepare for that frigid time of year now. There are a lot of reasons for the steadily rising costs of fuel, none of which have anything to do with what the Democrats seem to want you to believe is the problem. For too long the prevailing rant has been that the Bush-Cheney-Oil industry connections are the reason for this countries ills, but that entire concept is ridiculous at best.

The major causes for the rising cost of oil is in fact, the declining value of the dollar against world currencies, followed very closely by the speculator industry. And part of the reasons for those problems are fueled by the leftist global warming alarmism and the desire to cling to the UN’s much promoted carbon tax, which I call the Black Tax. There are many problems with the economy here in the US, most of them easily fixable, provided the desire to fix them actually exists. R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle interviewed Texas Senator John Cornyn and asked about that states(Texas) economy. The answer was pretty revealing in a simplistic way, but offered the real solution to a large part of our problems even here in Maine. Here’s the Q&A from the interview…..

Q: Texas so far has avoided the national economic downswing, but with interest rates dropping and gas prices rising, the state may not be far behind. What can the government do to stabilize the economy?

A: Our Texas economy is strong. If you look at Ohio and Texas, there are clear differences between what works and what doesn’t. Since 2000, they have lost more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs and real family income is worse — not better — than it was seven years ago. Why has Texas been headed in the other direction?

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal said: “Ohio’s most crippling handicap may be its politicians. Ohio has an economy burdened by high taxes and work rules that impose heavy costs on employers. Texas embraces free trade, keeps taxes low, doesn’t impose unions on business and has tooled itself for 21st century global competition.” Here in Texas, we can’t afford to make the mistake of Ohio.


) for the article.

Our politicians are the real cause of the crippling effects of Maine’s economy, and the more they fool with the fuel we need to get around and heat our homes, the more it’s going to cost us. In just over two weeks, we are going to see the price of gas rise once again due to the annual, cost of inflation adjusted, gas tax increase. Legally tied to inflation fluctuations, it is required to be adjusted every July 1st. I haven’t done the math on it yet, but I believe it may tack on about two or more cents to a gallon of gas this time around. Making that fifty cents a gallon, at a price of four dollars a gallon, one eighth of that cost goes towards this tax burden. I don’t have a problem paying taxes that are fair and necessary, but for some of these liberal politicians to mill around and bark accusations at the oil industry while ignoring the fact that 12.5% of our costs (in this case) are directly related to their own actions is not something I take lightly.

Couple that with the disastrous effects piled upon the situation by making bad decisions based on the UN’s global warming fear mongering, it’s no wonder the energy costs are skyrocketing. Many people have looked into alternative fuels, and with good reason, but are those fuels really going to be the best answer to high energy costs? Already the issue of ethanol is starting to rear its ugly head, and the negative side effects are beginning to be felt, also contributing to higher prices. And very soon, the fact that ethanol isn’t as clean as the Left would have you believe will become widespread knowledge. While the fuel may have a lower CO2 output, it is higher in several noxious emissions including the ones that contribute to acid rain.

Some are accusing the bio-fuels industry of escalating the cost of food on a global basis. In response, manufacturers and processors are turning to cellulosic ethanol, which is made from wood and grass crops. I hate to say this, but the increasing demand for wood products by the ethanol market will place heavy demands on the product, increasing the costs of wood pellet fuel. That means that switching over to pellet fuel will become more expensive. The cost benefit will decrease over time, and if the price of oil turns the corner and declines by at least 20%, you may find the cost of heating by pellets comparable to heating with oil.

Petroleum based products are by far the most cost advantageous products for energy and heating needs. Nothing else comes close to the BTU output and efficiency of petro based fuel in any of its forms. Until an acceptable alternative is found, the US should be putting its efforts into domestic production efforts to obtain more of the trillions of barrels of oil available within our borders. We need to be drilling on the Continental Shelves and up in ANWR for our own oil. This is the only way to drive the costs down. Let your elected representatives know that you are tired of being held hostage at the pump and oil tank by special interest needs and wants that are crippling the US economy.

We need to begin to regain the control of this Country and return it to its once held position of power. Tell them to stop the petty bickering and get back to the business of representing the best interests of these United States, and stop bowing down to whatever Hollywood wants to promote in the nightly newsbytes. We don’t have to pay five dollars a gallon for gas. We pay it because we refuse to stand up to the problem and solve it.

73% rise in childhood poverty rates…


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