Michelle Obama and Mugabe….

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Yeah, I know. You’re thinking, “this guys nuts trying to compare Michelle Obama and Mugabe of Zimbabwe.” Actually, I’m not comparing the two per se, I’m comparing the democratic campaign for the Presidency here in the United States, and the so called want to be democratic campaign for the Presidency in Zimbabwe. A couple of weeks ago I heard about this so called tape of Michelle Obama in some kind of racist rant where she used the word ‘Whitey’ from a pulpit in a speech. I thought to myself, wow, this ought to be fun on the nightly news. Lots of fodder out of a scoop like that one, given the political games we like to play here in the good ole US of A. and I waited for the tape before commenting. Then I waited some more. And then I was still waiting. And in between I read a lot of blogs and news articles speculating and elaborating on this tape and the potential damage it could cause to the Obama campaign.

And here I am, a couple of weeks later, still wanting to see this damaging video. But so far, no one has come forward with it. I find that rather disturbing, given the world situation, and wonder if maybe we haven’t become just a little too dirty when we play the game of politics here in the United States. Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not changing my stand or support for McCain as President. To be honest, in good conscience there is no way I can support Barak Obama in a bid for the Presidency. He’s a man who leans too far to the Socialist Left, in my opinion. But one thing we must remember is that a candidates spouse is not, and should not, be immune to scrutiny by the public. For good or bad, a wife has an effect on the husband, and vice-versa, and that effect will contribute to the actions and decisions the candidate will make if elected.

But a line must be drawn someplace in the sand. A point must be set whereby decent journalists and pundits will refuse to cross. To make a claim of an action that may have severe ramifications and then not have any forthcoming proof is unacceptable. When we cross that line where the unacceptable becomes accepted, we become a nation where freedom and the democratic process becomes perverted. We become like many other nations in the world where Socialism does hold sway, and freedoms that we take for granted simply do not exist. We may ultimately end up with an election such as Robert Mugabe is running in Zimbabwe today. Given the events of the last three months in that countries electoral process, I have to wonder why the process was even begun.

Just today, within two hours of this writing, Robert Mugabe has vowed war against his own people should he not win the election. The Johannesburg Times had this to say in an article released earlier;

Mugabe declares war

Alleged master plan for state terror is leaked. Forty African leaders plead for end to violence

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has vowed to “go to war” to prevent the Movement for Democratic Change taking power — as the race for the presidency enters its final phase.

With only 13 days to go to the runoff poll , Mugabe yesterday insisted he would not countenance defeat.

“We are prepared to fight for our country and to go to war for it,” he told a rally of cheering supporters.

http://www.thetimes.co.za/PrintEdition/Article.aspx?id=785112 for the full article.

Over the last few days, many underhanded tricks have been played by Mugabe to draw support away from the MDC and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai, including placing Tsvangirai and his second in command, Tendai Biti, in jail. While this is a severe case, and in no way compares to a blogger making a claim that has yet to be supported about a candidate’s wife, the fact that our principals as a nation are becoming so corroded needs to be addressed. One of the Liberal Left’s frequent mantras has been anti war sentiment towards the action in Iraq. The frequent suggestion is that the war has no benefit to the US, or to Iraq. But the benefit is there, even though unseen thus far. Democracy is a rare treat in the world, especially true Democracy. In fact, the United States is one of the only countries in the world whereby it can be found. It is our duty as free men to do whatever it takes to spread freedom, and that is slowly happening in the Arabic world of the Mid East. We don’t see it because it doesn’t garner advertising in the Liberal leaning media outlets. Only news that makes Bush and the Republicans look bad attracts those kinds of advertising dollars that keep these outlets running.

And in the meantime, despots around the world keep on trampling on the rights and freedoms we take for granted while the mainstream media bickers back and for over whether Michelle Obama said ‘whitey.’ Once, and in some impassioned speech she made at some point in the past. When faced with a deteriorating world, does it really matter whether she said it or not?

Read more about Mugabe’s activities below and see what the alternative may come to be. Let’s put this issue to rest, and either show the video, or apologize to the Obama’s. My vote is going to McCain, so whatever she had to say makes little difference to me. The real test of your vote should be limited to whether you believe the candidate has the experience to support your political ideology and passions in the mirror of the world. We are already seeing in the world media outlets that Barak Obama doesn’t garner the support of respect that McCain has received, so we need to ask whether or not he can in fact support and promote the best interest of this country as a whole. Not just the liberal ideology, but all of America.


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