Freedom on the 4th!

Posted: 04/07/2008 in Uncategorized
While many of us are celebrating the Declaration of Independence today, other nations around the world are struggling with the lack of democracy and the absence of the freedoms we take for granted. The Liberal Left uses every opportunity they can find to criticize the Conservative Right for the struggle in Iraq, but they neglect the fact that the result of the war in Iraq has been to build a freer, more democratic Middle East. It’s too bad they fail to see the bigger picture in all that is happening in the world today. Enjoy your holiday!
Click on the headlines to read these full stories….
Zimbabweans flee persecution after election
HARARE, ZIMBABWE — More than 300 frightened Zimbabweans sought shelter at the U.S. Embassy in Harare on Thursday, part of a wave of people fleeing what opposition activists describe as continued beatings, threats, house burnings and killings by militias loyal to President Robert Mugabe.
Activists reported that most of the 900 command bases set up by the ruling party to intimidate the population into voting for Mugabe in last week’s presidential runoff are still operating. They claimed that nine people have been killed since Mugabe’s victory, taking the total number of dead in election-related violence to 95.
MINSK, Belarus — More than 50 people were injured today when a bomb went off at an outdoor concert in the Belarusian capital. Officials blamed “hooligans.”
The blast took place at a concert in downtown Minsk marking the ex-Soviet nation’s independence day. Minsk police spokesman Alexander Lastovsky said authorities had opened a criminal probe.
EL FASHER, Sudan — Nearly a year after its creation, a joint U.N.-African Union peacekeeping mission to Darfur is struggling, with fewer than half the soldiers promised, broken-down equipment, government obstacles, and what commanders say are the unrealistically high expectations of a world that has failed to support them.
The mission, the largest peacekeeping force in U.N. history, was to have been the robust replacement for an underfunded, poorly equipped A.U. force that had been on the ground since 2004. But of the 26,000 police and soldiers who were to deploy to protect civilians in this region of western Sudan, only 140 Bangladeshi police and a smattering of officers, engineers and U.N. bureaucrats have arrived.
RAMADI, Iraq — After inspecting a prison, police chief Tariq Yousef al-Asaal returned to his spacious office, where U.S. military officers and Iraq’s power brokers have sought his advice. A week earlier, the governing council, the ruling body here in this dust-swept capital of Anbar province, had fired him.
But on this June morning Asaal gave no indication of his dismissal. As he entered his office, his men saluted and visitors rose to greet him. Asaal slipped behind his big wooden desk and flashed a defiant smile. “The governing council had no right to dismiss me,” he said.
BEIJING — The Chinese government on Thursday said it has held another round of private talks with envoys of the Dalai Lama aimed at easing tensions before the Summer Olympics.According to state media, Chinese representative Du Qingling said further dialogue is possible only if the Tibetan spiritual leader exhibits “positive behavior” and promises to “not support activities disturbing or sabotaging the Olympic Games.”
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian police transferred nine terrorism suspects, bound and wearing black hoods, to the capital, Jakarta, on Thursday after their arrest in southern Sumatra.
According to the police, a raid on Wednesday in the Sumatran port city of Palembang by an elite Indonesian counterterrorism team turned up more than a dozen homemade bombs and a cache of ammunition. A police spokesman refused to give further details, saying that the prisoners were being interrogated about the nature of their plan and their roles within the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist network.


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