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There is some growing news regarding the prospect of offshore drilling, and to my mind, that’s a good thing. Politico had an article today describing the pressures representatives are under from voters who are unhappy with the increasing cost of gasoline, now averaging somewhere around $4.10 per gallon. The sad part is, the special interest environmental groups are still putting their own selfish needs and twisted politics ahead of the nation. The article quotes Kate Smolski of Greenpeace as saying “The bottom line is, politicians who are trying to sell offshore drilling as a quick fix are not looking at the core of the problem — years of failed energy policy,”
Our dependence on foreign oil, or at least mid eastern oil, needs to be broken, and drilling on our own soil is the best way to do this. Still, many media sources downplay the value of the plummeting dollar against world currencies, which is down 40% against the Euro alone. And unfortunately, the side effect of that declining value makes it easier for foreign investors to buy American interests. The NY Times has an excellent article relating to this very real problem. It may not seem like such a big issue today, but down the road, you can pretty much bet that these investors are going to become bottom feeders. (that means we’re gonna get bit on the butt, sooner or later, by the investors)
But the Left continues to wrongly believe that Pelosi’s number one enemy, George Bush is the problem, and not their own inept socialistic platform. Twisting reality once again, The Hill’s pundit Brent Budowsky claims that the G8 impeached Bush. Budowsky writes “In my memory, this has never happened — such contempt by America’s allies for an American president. This has never happened — a summit of the Group of Eight where, in reality, it was the Group of Seven, who wanted action, and were sabotaged by the Group of One, George Bush.” What a load of twisted drivel. In reality, Bush insisted it was unrealistic for him to agree on a goal that an incoming President may not be able to reach for. Rightly so, and the other leaders were in agreement.

China and India should not be exempted from meeting, and participating in the drive to reduce airborne pollution, in this case CO2. Their economies are growing at phenomenal rates, and China is poised to be in a position to exceed our own levels of pollution within just a few years. Why should we sit on the sidelines while this Communist nation continue to get away with that which we are being punished by the socialist left for? Could it be that Pelosi and the other global warming supporters like Al Gore want the US to become a third world Communist puppet? Perhaps these two nations should be added, and the G8 should become the G10?

An interview of Knowledge @ Wharton’s Jeremy Seigel discussing these issues can be found here. It’s well worth listening to. Bottom line is, we need to get back to growing this country, not dismantling it and making it weaker, which is what the Left seems bent upon. On a more local note, the PPH has an article, Region’s governors predict heating crisis, reporting on the issue of the cost of energy for heating our homes and business’s this coming heating season. The article emphasizes the regions need to boost the funding for the LIHEAP subsidy program for low income families.

I think we need to all get on board and start helping those of need to be ready for this winter. If you have an elderly neighbor or a family in need, how about lending a hand to help button up their homes to help conserve heat, and lower the demand for fuel. Get involved with some of the agencies that do this sort of thing. It’s going to cost a bundle for oil this year and next, so every little thing we do to help will keep the costs down.
Starting next week, I’m going to start doing a thing I’m calling “Thursday’s Tips” where I will share some information, and some tips on how we can all save a little here and there to lower our heating bill. Watch for the first tip next Thursday.
Susan Collins says “They blame the Government”…


Maine heating oil prices continue to rise

AUGUSTA (AP) – Heating oil prices continue to rise in Maine.According to state energy office’s biweekly summer survey, heating oil is now averaging $4.71 a gallon statewide. That’s up 11 cents a gallon from the previous survey two weeks ago.The lowest average price of $4.59 a gallon was found in southwest Maine, while eastern Maine had the highest price, at $4.84.Kerosene prices averaged $5.12 a gallon, up 12 cents in the past two weeks.


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