The Gas is falling! The Gas is falling!

Posted: 26/07/2008 in Uncategorized
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The gas is falling! A lead article in the LA Times relates a story on how the price of gasoline there has been steadily declining for the last five weeks. And it has dropped from an unprecedented high upwards of five dollars a gallon to a level more closely aligned with the National averages. The article at the same time hypes the $3.99 per gallon price that one station offered as a special sale. Another station advertised $3.98 per gallon while a third station posted a $3.97 price.
Off the cuff, these prices sound good, but we need to remember that these are only special advertised rates, not the stations normal prices. Those who may not pay attention to the whole story may be led to believe that our energy costs are finally going to return to livable rates. Don’t fool yourself.
Prices will come down for a while, they always do after the 4th’s travel season. And then they start creeping up again as the Labor Day travel session begins. Happens every year, and so far this summer has not been an exception to the rule. The difference this year is that prices were so high to begin with, any glimpse of lowering prices feeds frenzy of salvation from the burden.
Nationally, according to the AAA, the price has fallen to an average of $4.00 per gallon as of this week’s reports. The price of heating oil also has fallen an average of .09 cents per gallon over the last couple of weeks.
Are we out of the woods, energy wise? Not by a long shot. Prices fluctuate for a lot of reasons, and political turmoil has a large part to play in the ultimate price we pay at the pump, and at your oil tanks fill tube. There is a lot of sabre rattling going on between Iran and Israel, African oil producing nations are rife with violence. Kennedy’s friends to the south have been busy nationalizing the petroleum industry, chasing free market companies from the area and so forth. And as well, it looks like the American public is fed up enough to start pushing the elected elite into doing the right thing by securing our independence from foreign oil.
In the long run, the liberal left will win out, and there will be no real increase in oil production. And then prices will catapult skyward again. And eventually, the public will come to realize that they’ve been screwed yet again by the Socialist left and the process will start all over again, and again and again. And each time we will become weaker and weaker, until we are finally where the one worlders want us to be. Right in the grip of the UN, slaving to provide for their wants and needs, paid for through the bogus carbon tax schemes that are just now beginning to take shape here in the US.
By the time that the public realizes that people like me are right, and all of these eco friendly left wingers are wrong, it will be too late. We will already have become accustomed to the higher taxes and higher energy rates forced upon us by the false global warming catastrophe being pushed by the UN with the help of its many NGO’s, all clamoring for a piece of the carbon tax pie.
And while that’s happening behind our backs, these same groups will be quietly stealing our heritage and locking up our wilderness all based on the environmentalists idea that we need to prohibit growth and corral people in the cities. That’s happening right here in Maine with the Plum Creek deal in the North Woods even as you read this.
It’s a done deal, by my estimation. Plum Creek will get their development, The Nature Conservancy will get control of the land, and another NGO pal of the UN, Nestle, will come in and pump the aquifers dry, while other companies will get rich off of the wind power potential, adding no real effort to solving a solution to our energy needs. Everybody gets rich except the people who have spent lifetimes working to make Maine into the way life should be, as the bumper sticker says.
And because of efforts by well meaning people in organizations like NRCM and Audubon, the environment of Maine will needlessly suffer. People will come to realize that they’ve been screwed by the environmentalists. There is no dire, manmade global warming threat, never has been. There is no emergency concerning the loss of precious habitat. There is a need to control the pollution we pump into the atmosphere, and we do need to learn to take better care of our environment, but because of the false emergencies created by greedy non-profits, the public will learn not to trust them.
With the increasing energy costs will come a lessening of contributions, cash wise and time wise as well to these organizations. And because of that, the efforts to protect the Northwood’s and other areas will fail. Foreign companies and people will continue to move into Maine, steadily increasing their presence and diluting the very lifestyle we try to maintain here.
The only real emergency in this nation is the growing threat posed by well meaning, but misdirected and misled liberal politicians. We need to begin taking back what is ours. We need to start filling the seats in our houses of representation with conservative minded candidates who truly have the best interest of the American taxpayer in mind, not the selfish goals of the UN directed left.
Pay attention to what the candidates are really saying, and how they act. And especially, check out their voting records if they are already an elected representative. Do they support higher taxes and energy costs? Do they support a steadily increasing burden of regulation and control over the public and private sector? Do you wish to pay higher taxes and live under an increasing level of control? No? Then vote for conservatives this fall, not for left wing Socialists.
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