Missng Votes…

Posted: 29/07/2008 in Uncategorized
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While mousing through the net this morning I ran across an interesting graphic at the WP that lists a couple of statistics regarding our elected representatives voting records. You can find it here. Basically, it listed the number of missed votes, and the percentage of party line votes. Bipartisanship is a necessary component of the political structure of this country, and that is one of the qualities I look for in a candidate.
This time around, we have Susan Collins defending her seat in the Senate against Tom Allen, who currently sits in the House. Susan Collins missed 0.0% of votes in the Senate. She also only voted along party lines 67.7% of the time. This shows me that she’s willing to ignore the power of the party in favor of the power of the people. In other words, she puts the entire spectrum of the public at the forefront of her decisions to vote yea or nay.
Tom Allen, on the other hand, missed 2.9% of his votes, and voted along party lines 98.2% of the time. And that shows me that he is unwilling, or unable to break from voting in favor of a specific segment of the population, namely the increasingly Socialistic tendency of the Democratically controlled Government to increase controls and regulation, and raise our tax burden to fund special interest projects that do nothing to strengthen our economy or protect our borders an nationality.
All things considered, I’m going to let my brains do the voting for me this coming November. Personally, I’m tired of hearing the Dems constant drivel that is degrading our sovereignty and reputation overseas, while at the same time chipping away at the very philosophies this country was founded upon. If Pelosi and her crowd likes Socialism so much, why don’t they pack their bags and move to Russia?
It’s time to return to a market based environment so we can strengthen our economy, and get rid of all of those special interest laws and regulations imposed upon us. It’s time to stop bickering and get back to being the United States. I’m voting conservative this time around.

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