Smokin’ and Tokin’ In DC

Posted: 31/07/2008 in government control
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Where there’s smoke, their ain’t no fire, if the Socialists in Washington get their way, that is. The House passed by an unusually large margin a bill to allow the FDA to regulate tobacco products. An article in the NY Times relates the story in its usual liberal fashion, making more Government control sound like a good thing. It’s kind of funny that Congress wants to shut off the use of tobacco, citing health risks and costs to the public, while at the same time Massachusett’s Barney Frank wants to decriminalize the use of marijuana. That’s just another way the Liberalies try to win their support. Kind of like a pervert luring little kids into his house with candy and ice cream. Of course, that’s no surprise, considering the source.
The article has a cute little picture of Michigan’s John Dingall, who of course supports yet another measure giving the government more control. He looks like one of those tight asssed Baptist preacher types. You know, the ones that are so prim and proper that they squeak when they pass gas. There’s no question that smoking isn’t the best thing you can do to improve your health, but yet another level of control isn’t going to solve the problem.
Like many products we consume, it’s a matter of personal desire, not a coerced activity. MacDonald’s isn’t the best thing we should be putting into our stomachs, but I don’t see these Left Wing controlomatics rushing to put the fast food industry out of business. There are already tons of regulation and control, not to mention taxes on the books that are supposed to convince the public that smoking isn’t good for them, why more?
When I see underage kids puffing away, trying to look “cool” I have to wonder where they got the stuff? After all, it’s illegal to sell the product to minors, or to give a minor tobacco, so where’s the source? The way to change a populations way of life is through example and leadership. We no longer have either of those in this country. The liberal left educates our children in the way of “free thinking” while at the same time picking their future pockets and placing them under more and more control. It’s time for congress to start acting like leaders and stop increasing the burdensome controls they insist upon placing over the public.
It’s hypocritical of them to try to control smoking while introducing bills to allow marijuana, while at the same time blocking efforts to control their own ethics and standards by refusing to allow passage of the Public Corruption Prosecution Improvements Act. In a seemingly increasing corrupt house of representation, the act allows the DOJ greater power over investigations in unethical behavior of the lawmakers who break the laws. But I guess the makers and enforcers of the law are always above the law, aren’t they? An article in the LA Times does a pretty good job with the discussion over that issue.
That’s where electing people Charlie Summers and re-electing Susan Collins as our chosen representatives can help towards reversing the trend the Washington Beltway seems to be taking. We need to have leadership, coupled with a sound moral platform if this Nation is going to improve its outlook and future. Democrats who support more control, higher taxes and an increasingly grim future, Like Obama and Tom Allen do, are not the answer.

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