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Sitting here this evening running through a hodge-podge of article, trying to see if I can break another blood pressure machine, and I came across an article in the American concerning Viet Nam’s phenomenal growth. The article quotes some numbers telling the story of this countries climb from a bastion of poverty to a competitive nation in the worlds marketplace. According to the stats given in the article, the poverty rate went “from about 58 percent in 1993 to about 16 percent in 2006.” Pretty impressive results if you ask me. Thirteen years, and a forty plus percentage point change in the statistics.
Of course, now that double digit inflation plagues Viet Nam’s economy, those figures will change, and the rate will increase, but that’s not the point here. The point is that Viet Nam had to have a growing economy to obtain these results. And that is especially difficult to do, seeing as they are a communist country. But an interesting correlation to this article with what is happening today is, why isn’t the popular media addressing the world economy while beating up the republicans on the front pages?
People seem to forget that money doesn’t grow on tree’s. Sure, a government can print currency, but that currency isn’t where the value of an economy lies. That value actually lies in what a country can create, and that value depends upon what other countries can trade for that value. This is where most of our problems lie regarding the economic stress we are going through in the United States today. There’s a lot of blame gaming going on, with plenty of finger pointing by all sides of the argument. But really, our economy sucks because we haven’t anything to trade of value anymore except for our businesses and property.
So, I guess that leaves it to bloggers like me, way off the beaten track, to bring the truth to the American people, and the real level that we are getting screwed to. This difference in value is what politicos and economists call a “trade balance.” We send them some stuff, they send us some stuff, and value of economy changes hands and wealth is created. Well, I went hunting for facts, and over at the Foreign Trade Statistics page of the US Census bureau, I found the amounts of that balance. From a business mans viewpoint, I can see why it costs so much to live here today.

The balances started out in 1993, the first year related to the statistics of poverty given above, but ended up at a catastrophic level in relation to our own economy.

Here’s the figures(in US millions):
Year Trade Balance
1992 4.6
1993 7.0
1994 122.4
1995 53.3
1996 284.8
1997 -101.7
1998 -280.2
1999 -316.9
2000 -453.8
2001 -592.8
2002 -1,814.8
2003 -3,231.1
2004 -4,111.0
2005 -5,438.0
2006 -7,466.4
2007 -8,729.8
2008 -3,293.2 (end of May)

And those figures are not cumulative totals, those are per year. Also, remember that this is just one foreign nation. Consider China’s trade deficit with us. As of the End of May of this year, we bought $126,311,100,000.00 worth of products from them. They in turn bought $30,288,000,000.00, leaving the deficit at $96,033,300,000.00. The Chinese are 96 billion dollars richer because we crave cheap, poorly manufactured crap that we don’t really need.
I work in retail, so I see thousands of products every year that are made in foreign countries. Not one of them stands up to the standards we used to hold manufacturing up to years ago. Ask your elected representative what they plan to do about all of the negative deficits these countries are running up against us, weakening our own place in the world. Ask them what they intend to do about the excessive regulation the Liberal Left wants to impose upon us. Ask them how they intend to deal with Obama’s agenda if he wins the election. What about McCain’s agenda?
There is a growing movement to support conservative minded candidates who care more about the moral and economic status of this country than some of these slick, well groomed candidates the media bandies about every day. These people can, and will do something to turn the tide and restore the US to its once held position in the world. If you’d like to learn more, or contribute to the cause, check out the Huckpac website here. You’ll find some interesting information, and links to like minded sites as well. And that’s Dan’s Maine view for today.
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