Pelosi Vs Big Oil

Posted: 03/08/2008 in Uncategorized
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Is Pelosi’s dream fading away?

You’re probably aware of the fact that Madame Pelosi adjourned the house for the annual five week paid vacation without addressing the issue of energy in this country. Refusing to entertain a vote on the offshore drilling question, the Democrats quickly departed from DC, some even before lunchtime. The Republicans, eager to do what’s best for the people who elected them to office, unlike the Democrats, promptly staged a sit in protest in the chambers, inviting the public to join them. None of the major news outlets carried the story, naturally, but Politico does a good job reporting the saga of the darkened House.

In a Washington Post article today, Obama was quoted as saying “What I don’t want is for the best to be the enemy of the good here, and if we can come up with a genuine, bipartisan compromise in which I have to accept some things I don’t like, or the Democrats have to accept some things that they don’t like, in exchange for moving us in the direction of energy independence, then that’s something I’m open to,” Obama said. “I wanted to send a strong signal that we can’t allow partisan bickering or the desire to score political points to get in the way of providing some genuine relief to people who are struggling.”
The article also says Obama indicated a willingness to support an effort by five Democratic senators and five Republicans to break Congress’s energy impasse with legislation that would allow expanded offshore oil exploration. That’s a far cry from where Pelosi sits in her extreme left position of absolutely no new drilling offshore, anywhere’s.
The compromise plan, presented by what some call “The Gang of Ten,” five Democrats and five Republicans, takes a little bit of everything, mixes it up into one big salad and puts it on the table for discussion. Essentially, the plan calls for allowing some offshore drilling in new areas along the coast of Florida, with four other states being allowed to choose whether or not to allow drilling off of their waters. In return, the US is to have 85% of all vehicles on the roadway in twenty years be non petroleum based fuel vehicles. The Houston Chronicle has an article that covers the issue pretty well.
The plan’s filled with a lot of incentives, aka higher taxes and exemptions with government payouts, which is ultimately bad for the taxpayer, but it increases the ability of oil companies to lower the need to import oil from the Mideast. I fail to see most of these goals they promote as being obtainable, but who knows? Pelosi’s rant is that these evil corporations already own leases on Federal land, so they should start getting oil out of those leases, not by drilling offshore and damaging the oceans environment. Couple of problems with that position, and she knows it. The New York Times today has an article addressing that very issue. The big problem is that most of the new wells in the Federal lands in the west are producing natural gas, not oil. There isn’t any oil to be found on these leases. At least not by drilling in those spots.
The bottom line here is that Pelosi and her left wing cohorts are courting the interests of the environmentalists political contributions, not the interests of the taxpayers that pay her salary. In spite of her argument that there are already enough leases available, and that the oil companies refuse to drill on the leases, she refuses to see the bigger picture of the reasons why they are not fully utilizing those leases.
The biggest reasons are that the same environmentalists the Democrats love to get donations from are continuously hampering the efforts of the oil companies. Whether by simply protesting, resulting in a growing negative public opinion of the oil industry, or by an endless string of lawsuits and court orders, it is simply too expensive to embark upon many of these potential wellhead sites. If Pelosi really wants what is in the best interest of the entire citizenry of the US, she needs to stop acting like an ignorant college freshman and start facing facts.
She is not the President, and she’s never going to be the President. And even more so, she will never control the President. Her far left Socialist position is degrading the ability of this country to compete in the world’s economy. Ever increasing regulation and taxation is destroying the incentive to produce in this nation, driving more and more jobs overseas. Therefore, we have to import more and more products, while exporting fewer and fewer products resulting in a seriously unbalanced foreign trade deficit and an increasingly weaker currency.
The global warming farce exists simply as a tool to impose more taxes, and wealth redistribution according to the UN’s wishes. Most of the environmentalists claims are erroneous and unfounded. At some point, the public will realize they are being taken for a ride, and contributions to organizations that work to preserve wildlife and habitat will dry up. There won’t be any more political contributions from the environmentalists because they’ll be broke. The only contributions will be from big business, and of course those business’ will be foreign owned as most US investors will be gone due to the pressures imposed by the left wingers.

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