Yes, I’d like to pay more for gas…NOT!…

Posted: 04/08/2008 in Uncategorized
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Revolution in the house

You’ve probably heard by now that there is a mini revolution underway in the House of Representatives down in old DC. Pelosi’s adjournment of the house last Friday, refusing to address the high energy costs plaguing the Nation.

Brian Stelter of the NY Times reports on the high tech value cell phones had on Fridays event through the afternoon. The C-span cameras had to be turned off, as the House was not in session, so several Representatives used their cell phones to download and broadcast over the internet video of interviews and speech’s.
Politico’s “Crypt” has a blog entry by John Bresnehan saying “Continuing with their guerilla tactics from last week, House Republicans will be back on the floor Monday to talk gas prices, even though Congress is in recess, and they may stay there all week.”
The Boston Globe has an article saying that the cost of heating our homes this winter may be as much as 30% higher than last year, which translates into about a 0ne billion dollar increase, nationwide. So what are the elected representatives doing about it? Well, the Republicans, refusing to give in to Pelosi’s stubborn, and childish position on refusing to address the issue of offshore drilling, decided to continue the debate on the floor of the house, albeit unofficially. The Democrats, including our own Tom Allen, left for a five week vacation. Apparently, Allen cares more for his reputation in the Democratic party than he does for the fact that it cost me over $50.00 to fill up my car with gas on Saturday morning.
Just another reason for me to vote for Susan Collins. Jessica Alaimo, in a Politicker article says that “Collins, however, said that Congress voting to adjourn is disappointing and irresponsible.” And that it was. These elected representatives need to somehow be taught the we the people pay their salaries, not the special interest groups that provide them with cash for their election and re-election campaigns.
And what is the dispute over? Mostly, it is about the environmentalists push to save the world from global warming. And all of this global warming hysteria would actually destroy our economy, not help it. According to Michigan’s Mackinac Center, the recently defeated “Americas Climate Security Act” would have actually cost the taxpayers of this nation up to six trillion over the next forty years, reducing disposable household annually by three thousand dollars or more.
Imagine that, Tom Allen, a Democrat, seems to agree that we should be spending more money on energy, not less. Go figure.

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