Obama wants to raise taxes….

Posted: 07/08/2008 in Uncategorized
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Obama admits he was wrong on oil

Yup! That’s right folks. Obama seems to be saying that he helped make America dependent upon foreign oil. In the video below Barak Obama cites a list of problems cropping up because of the increasing energy costs in this country. Speaking from Elkhart Indiana, Obama states that we need to break our dependence, and he even agrees with John McCain when he says that Washington has failed for the last thirty years to break away from that reliance. In fact, though not mentioned, our reliance has increased substantially during that time frame. Watch the video…

Of course, he takes the opportunity to make the suggestion that McCain has been in Washington for 26 of those last 30 years. Makes it sound like it’s McCain’s fault. But what he doesn’t mention is that most of the bills and acts that could have broken our reliance were submitted by Republicans, and defeated by Obama’s fellow Democrats. So it’s not necessarily Washington that’s at fault here, it’s the Democrats, and their left wing environmentalist agenda that’s at fault.

In article after article we read about how the “polls” show that Obama is leading as a choice to mend the Nation’s economy. McCain’s plan is to create new jobs, lower taxes, less government control, decrease the cost of health care etc, while Obama’s plan calls for higher taxes, more government controls, and fewer jobs. He (Obama) doesn’t say right out loud that he wants fewer jobs, but that is what the end result will be.
A business needs to make profit to stay in the game. No profit, no business. Higher taxes and more regulation increases the cost of business and reduces profit. Obama’s been to college and is a lawyer. He’s got tons of money. Perhaps a good test to see if a politician is a good potential for office would be to force them to live for a few month’s like most of the citizenry does. Paycheck to paycheck, praying that nothing serious happens, like a tire blowing out cause you put too much air in it.
Read on…

No matter what, we’ll need oil for decades…

Obama’s plan would raise taxes…


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