The Puppet Show

Posted: 21/08/2008 in Uncategorized
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It’s funny how true the old adage about a lie is. In case you are not familiar with the concept, it works like this: a lie is told so often, to so many people, that it becomes the truth. Not because it becomes the truth, but because people come to accept it as being the truth.
A lot of events down through the centuries have been changed in one way or another in this manner. Take slavery for instance. Not a good thing in any way shape or form. But the fact is, people believe slavery was a sin placed solely upon the white Europeans. Not true. Slavery has been around since around the time mankind started populating the Earth. Once upon a time, slavery was an acceptable practice throughout the world.
The big issue everyone talks about is the African slave trade pursued in this country. The wicked and arrogant white Europeans stole black indigenous Africans from that continent of Africa, sailed them to America and put them on the block for sale. That’s all true, except for the part about the white people invading Africa and stealing slaves. The trade in slavery on the African end was precipitated by black Muslim tribes from northern Africa, mostly from the area known today as Libya.
There’s some interesting material across the web, easily found if you want to do more research, but I’ll not dwell on it as it isn’t the topic of today’s rant. The real reason for bring up the old lie becoming truth adage is because of the way the false doctrine of global warming is changing the prospects for Maine. Financially as well as societal wise as well. A recent article by the National Center for Policy Analysis claims that “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.N. group behind the global warming scare, says 1.7 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) a year will be needed to pay for global warming — an amount exceeding $1 trillion a year, and a sum greater in size than the total GDP of all but about 15 countries.”
One trillion dollars pays for a lot of football tickets. In plain terms that amounts to 1,000,000,000,000 dollar bills. 500,000,000,000 feet long, laid end to end. Also works out to a tad over 94,696,969 miles in length. The Earth is approximately 24,900 miles in circumference, so that would wrap around the equator 0ver 380 times, if my math is correct. If it’s not, please let me know. I never was very good at figgerin’ numbers.
So how does this work out to as a damage amount to Maine’s economy? Too early to tell, but it’s gonna hurt big time, short and long run.
So is it worth the ultimate cost to save mankind from this impending disaster? Well, some of us are going to make out very well with the solution to this problem. The progenitor of global warming, Al Gore, stands to make out extremely well. A report by the Capitol Research Center’s Foundation Watch spells out some pretty interesting information on old AL here. When he left office, Gore had a worth of less than two million dollars. Today, his worth is substantially more than 100 million. He has received a truckload of cash in awards, $750,000 for the Nobel prize, $1,000,000 for the Dan David prize, and he charges $175,000 to give a speech. Somebody’s paying for all of this “work,” and that would be you and me.
Its estimated that the ultimate household cost for this climate change is going to be between $460 and $600 dollars per year, depending upon which report you read. And that’s just a start. The cost per year, per household, will only rise over the years. A couple of commentaries have suggested, though they have no data to support the suggestion, that the cost could exceed $10,000 per household by the year 2050.
All sorts of things are going to cost more because of the false doctrine of human caused climate change. Fuel of all types, transportation, food, building supplies, energy, and almost everything one can manufacture, grow or create will all cost more because of the hidden costs of this new global carbon tax being pushed upon us.
And global it is. There seems to be a lack of people connecting this carbon tax with the UN’s Africa Renewal drive and the Zedillo conference results. There’s an interesting article here that covers the issue, and it’s by the UN. So it seems as though they’re cocky enough to brag about screwing the world in the UN drive to create a One World Socialist styled government. In a nut shell, the Zedillo conference suggested two alternatives to create funding for the UN. One suggestion, though the conference recommended against it, was an international currency tax. The other option, and one highly recommended by the conference, was a fossil fuel tax.
The claim is that since carbon based fuels caused global warming, taxing the consumption would reduce that same consumption. Apparently, they didn’t think of the logical outcome of the tax. Think this way; if the purpose of the tax is to raise financing for Africa, would the resulting decrease in use of carbon based fuels result in less funding for this program? Same way that increasing the cigarette tax resulted in less money being collected for Maine Care because of people quitting smoking.
But you know what’s really ironic? CO2 doesn’t have the reflective qualities that the activists claim it does. For CO2 to cause that level of damage, it would have to accumulate in quantities that would suffocate us long before we’d bake under the hot sun. it’s actually water vapor that causes this reflection of the sun’s heat back to Earth. And you know what else is ironic? Ethanol as a fuel gives off a lot more water vapor than petroleum and coal does.
This entire global warming scam is little more than a puppet show, and Al Gore and his Socialist buddies in the Democratic party and the UN are pulling the strings. Question here is, are you Punch or Judy?

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