Stimulus Package NOT a plan worth hatching…

Posted: 10/09/2008 in Uncategorized
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In an effort to buy your votes in the upcoming election, comrade Pelosi is attempting to push another stimulus package upon us that we cannot afford. The first one this year really did little more beyond putting gas in the car, what do you suppose she thinks another one will do? While there is no definitive package as yet, the Houston Chronicle says “Campaigning Monday in hard-pressed Flint, Mich., Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama urged Congress to pass a second stimulus package “so that people would have a little more money in their pockets.” He wants the package to include a tax rebate for individuals and aid to states for education, health care and other costs.”
A little more money in our pockets? Just before election time? How convenient. But what’s it going to cost the people, in real dollars. With the economy tanking and the Federal deficit at record high numbers, doubled from last year’s figures thanks to the democrat controlled House, how can we afford to be buying votes? The articles goes on to say “Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, senior Republican on the Senate Budget Committee. “We’ve got a Democratic stimulus bill, Stimulus 2, floating around here that could be anywhere between $25 and $50 billion. We’ve got a Democratic national candidate for president who’s proposed $300 to $350 billion of increases in spending annually.” Lot of money to be looking at in this point in the game.
I find it interesting that none of the mainstream lefty papers are saying anything about the proposal at this point. In part, I suspect it may be to avoid the negative backlash that their poster boy, Obama, will have to deal with. Jeffrey Young has a post on the Hill’s Blog regarding this subject that throws a little more light on the subject here. He makes it sound as though it’s a done deal, but the Republicans seem to look as though they will not support the measure.
The measure itself seems to be a clear attempt to sway the voting results in favor of the election as he writes that Rahm Emmanuel, a dem from Illinois has “…declared that the stimulus bill would be the next order of business for the lower chamber and remain Democrats’ primary focus up to Election Day.” What about the day after elections? Sounds like a bribe to me. But the left is the driving force behind the measure, being pushed by the usual roster of Socialist supporters, as the article continues with the following…
The AFL-CIO and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees hosted the conference call with Emanuel, the union-affiliated group USAction, the left-leaning community-organizing group Acorn and the liberal activist group Americans United for Change.
All of the groups said they would rally their members to exert pressure on lawmakers to back Democratic stimulus legislation via telephone, e-mail and letter campaigns, as well as local grassroots organizing efforts. Americans United for Change will set up a toll-free number to route calls to congressional offices and carry out a targeted local news media campaign.
I’ll say one thing for sure, if any Maine politician, meaning Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Mike Michaud and especially Tom “the commie” Allen vote in favor of another stimulus package, there will be hell to pay. It’s time to stop the frivolous spending and get back to the basics. Take care of the infrastructure and defense of our country. Do what the Constitution says you should do and leave the welfare to the non profits and charity groups.
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