Waiting for Plum Creek answer… tic tic tic tic

Posted: 24/09/2008 in Uncategorized
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While the LURC is debating about the Plum Creek proposal for Maine, and some people are eagerly awaiting the employment opportunities claimed to be attached to the plan, here’s a few headlines from around the web to while the time away with as we wait for the outcome;

Plum Creek Suspends Operations at Kalispell Plant, 24 Employees Laid Off
Plum Creek Timber Co. announced Tuesday that it is suspending operations at its finger-joint stud manufacturing facility in Kalispell for the rest of the year, leaving 24 employees at the plant out of work.

Plum Creek to Retain Zoning Veto Power in Parts of Missoula County
Plum Creek Timber Co., in identifying which of its lands to divest as part of the Montana Legacy Project, retained majority ownership of the private land — and the zoning veto power that confers — in some of Missoula County’s most ecologically and economically valuable areas.

Missoula County battles federal propensity for secrecy
The latest local example of this need for secrecy occurred last week in Missoula County, where the U.S. Forest Service responded to an oxymoronically named Freedom of Information Act request for information about the agency’s discussions with Plum Creek Timber Co.
The issue in this case has to do with the nature of road easements across Forest Service land to access land owned by Plum Creek.

Plum Creek Eliminates 35 Jobs at Columbia Falls Fiberboard Plant
Plum Creek Timber Company, citing a flat housing market and declining demand for wood products, announced Thursday that it was eliminating 35 jobs at its Medium Density Fiberboard plant in Columbia Falls.

Plum Creek Timber in $783 million land venture
HOUSTON, Aug 27 (Reuters) – Plum Creek Timber Co Inc said on Wednesday it formed a joint venture with Campbell Group LLC and would receive $783 million cash for 454,000 acres of its southern timberlands.
The deal, which values the land at $1,725 per acre, allows Plum Creek to “immediately capture substantially all of the value of these timberlands and to maintain an ongoing interest in their continuing cash flow and potential for growth,” Rick Holley, president and chief executive officer of Plum Creek, said in a statement.

Plum Creek wants Vermont land
Plum Creek Timber Co. plans to expand its land holdings in New England.
The Seattle-based company has signed a purchase and sale agreement on more than 86,200 acres in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. If completed, the deal would be Plum Creek’s first purchase in Vermont but not in the region.

These are just a few headlines. I believe the timber industry would call this “selective harvesting” so do your own search and see what you can find on your own.

The questions remain….jobs… .security…environment…conservation….preservation…infrastructure…pollution…people… wildlife … future…traffic…employment…change…

But where are the answers?


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