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Natural Resources Council of Maine promotes Socialism along with CO2 auction…

I received a press release from the NRCM bragging up Maine’s entry into the RGGI, or Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that told a pretty interesting story. First of all, what is the RGGI? The RGGI is an auction scheme for power plants and other large polluters to trade Carbon Credits by paying for the right to emit CO2 into the air. The NRCM press release puts it this way; “RGGI sets a limit on the amount of CO2 that may be emitted by power plants, but allows businesses to buy and sell credits for the right to release that CO2 from their operations.” RGGI sets the limits, and takes money from power plants to be able to emit CO2.(continued below)

The claim these RGGI auctions make is that greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced through these auctions by making polluters pay. Here’s another bit from the NRCM press release; “In addition to providing a framework for reducing global warming pollutants, the RGGI auction will generate revenues that will support a variety of climate-related initiatives, primarily energy efficiency improvements for Maine homes and businesses.” Exactly how are these bogus greenhouse gas pollutants going to be reduced, when a power plant will still be able to pump them into the atmosphere? That’s what the auctions do, you know.

If these people believe CO2 is such a danger, why have they developed this scheme that allows CO2 to be emitted into the atmosphere? We’ll get to the answer shortly. The real answer that is, not the Left Wing line of crap being fed to the public today. This plan actually does nothing to reduce CO2. The claim is that “Under the Initiative, CO2 emissions from electric-generating power plants will be capped at present levels until 2015. From 2015-2018, CO2 emissions from these sources will be reduced by 2.5% per year until a 10% reduction is achieved.” That’s going to be impossible, you know. To do that, we’d have to consume less power.

By allowing the Plum Creek proposal to go forward, we will be encouraging wealthy people from away into our woods, and these people don’t give a damn about how much power they use. They only care about promoting Socialist dogma so their consciences can rest more easily. Let’s take Al Gore, who will someday be looked upon as the Grandfather of Global Warming, for example. Mr. Gore spits out speech after speech warning of the perceived, but false, danger we are in form Global Warming. What’s he do? He sets himself up in a huge air-conditioned mansion and pastes a couple of solar cells on the roof. His home uses more energy in a month than most of us use all year. And then Al turns around and buys a 100’ fiberglass houseboat. He claims the plan is to burn bio-diesel in the twin engines. My understanding is that there are no dealers on the lake that sell bio-diesel, at least as of the time I looked into the news brief I read on the matter. Good plan Al!

But that sort of behavior is typical of the left. Do what you want, brag about caring, and make somebody else pay for it. That’s what’s going to happen here in Maine. It’ll take a couple or three years, but mark my words. Energy costs are going to skyrocket, and of course, everything that uses energy will have to cost more to cover the increasing energy costs of that energy. People go into business to make money, and the only way to make money is to pass your costs onto the consumer. Of course, if the energy production companies became nationalized, and the government ran them, losses would be covered by income taxes and fees. OOPS! Did I let the real plan out of the bag?

Here’s another line from the press release; “This first auction couldn’t be more timely,” said Steve Hinchman, staff attorney for the Conservation Law Foundation’s Maine office. “As this money comes in, Maine and the other RGGI states are already preparing to turn around and reinvest it in programs to reduce energy use and cut emissions.” So you see here is that these carbon credits are actually a way for the Left to take money from you the taxpayer and spend it on programs that they deem appropriate. One of the proposals is to increase the amount of wind power in this state. Couple of problems with that scenario though. For one thing, the available places to produce wind power consistently and profitably are already maxing out. With one area excepted. According to USGS surveys the best place to plant a wind farm is in western Maine. Yup. Right along the Appalachian Trail corridor. The lefty’s refuse to allow any wind turbines to be built that would block their pristine view.

On top of that, hundreds of miles of high tension corridors will have to be cut through Maine’s forests so that all of that electricity can be delivered to the consumer. They don’t want that either. so basically, it looks like we’re going to be paying more for power so that other people can take that money and pay for programs that they wish to see come to fruition. Karl Marx calls that redistribution of wealth. Here’s another line from the press release; “The auction will send a carbon price signal to power generators which will help promote energy efficiency and clean wind development in Maine…”

So what is this RGGI? This is what they say on their first page;

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is the first mandatory, market-based effort in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ten Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states will cap and then reduce CO2 emissions from the power sector 10% by 2018.States will sell emission allowances through auctions and invest proceeds in consumer benefits: energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other clean energy technologies. RGGI will spur innovation in the clean energy economy and create green jobs in each state.”

There are ten states involved in the scheme, with two members from each state. Maine’s members are MDEP’s David Littell and MPUC’s Sharon Reishus. These people, and the members from every other state are all government employed people. No private sector members are listed on the board as far as I can tell so far. So the government sets the fee for these carbon credits, which by definition means that these credits are actually a tax. And in my mind, an illegal tax since none of these fees have been voted on and approved by any state legislature.

The RGGI is incorporated in the State of Delaware as a non-stock non-profit corporation. We all know what incorporating in Delaware means….no taxes. It’s an interesting document, you should read it. A question that arises is why are we allowing public officials to take part in a non-profit company that will most certainly have an effect, even though they’re not supposed to, upon legislation concerning the production of electricity?

It appears to me as I begin digging even deeper into the behind the scene operations of the Left Wing in Maine as though we are pretty much screwed. For instance, the NRCM was all over the Plum Creek proposal, and fighting against The Nature Conservancy in the proposal, or so one would think. So here it is, one day after the announcement that politics would go on as scheduled and Plum Creek would get their development. It will take several months for LURC to make the announcement official of course, but who cares. The important thing is that the Left Wingers stuck together. Anyway, here it is, one day after the announcement, and the Natural Resources Council of Maine and The Nature Conservancy issue a joint press release of the glorious RGGI auction taking place. Seems kind of fishy to me.

Wikipedia’s description of Socialism reads;

Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods….. All socialists share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth into a small section of society who control capital, and creates an unequal society… Economically, socialism denotes an economic system of state ownership and/or worker ownership of the means of production and distribution……what goods and services to make and provide, how they were to be produced, the quantities, and the sale prices

That’s just a few selected quotes. Plan on seeing more here over the next few months.

You know, it’s funny that the UN is promoting this CO2 crap and claiming that the US needs to take the lead because they claim we are the problem. China and India are two countries that are exempt from Kyoto and all of the CO2 initiatives because they’re poor powers and can’t afford to do their share. But in reality, the United States is the only country in the world who seems to be reducing pollution, and we refused to sign the Kyoto agreement that led to all of this garbage. Check out this article…

And in other news, congress decided to contimue to refuse the importation of foreign high carbon fuels, namely Canadian oil from the shale and tarsands production. High BTU, quality fuel on this continent and we won’t take it. Funny, they won’t trade with Canada, but they’ll turn food crop land into fuel crop land and produce ethanol. In case you were not aware, as I mentioned in an earlier post, biomass fuel production and consumption emits 50% of its wheight as CO2, which means for every ton of foilage that gets burned, we get another half ton of CO2 in the atmosphere. Why is it that if CO2 is such a bad boy, how come only the fossil fuel companies (read Oil industry) gets to be whipped?


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