Final day for Plum Creek wait; Maine News…

Posted: 01/10/2008 in Uncategorized
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Final day for the Plum Creek waiting game! The Maine LURC is expected to vote for the final time on approving the Plum Creek plan for developing Maine’s vast western wilderness area into a play ground for the wealthy from away. Unfortunately, and I’m sure no one took this into consideration, they are also setting a precedent welcoming more mega developments into the state of Maine. When the Medina project for the area around Acadia National park final gets the flame lit under it, Maine will be in a poor spot to put the fire out. How can we allow Plum Creek to carve up the woods, and deny Bruno Medina the same right?

With the final approval of the Lake Concept plan as proposed by Plum Creek and its heavily financed backers, as well as the support of the UN directed TNC, we can’t. And when other wealthy landowners want to get in on the act and develop eco-resorts on land that they own and/or control we’ll have to give them the same approval. You can’t treat one person one way, and another person a different way in this country. Or can you? We’ll see what the outcome will be.

An article in the Kennebec Journal carried on with the developing story of Monday’s incident at the LURC headquarters in Augusta, where four people were arrested that had locked themselves together with bike locks. Turns out they were four college age girls. Not surprising.
The article says “Both sides were very articulate, very congenial,” Curran said. “There was a discussion about the process, the application. (Miller and Posner) said it was not a democratic process. The commissioner pointed out that (LURC) is a citizen board, confirmed by the Legislature, and it was a democratic process. Clearly there was disagreement, but people were cordial to each other.” Interesting. I wonder if tea and crumpets were served?

Perhaps more damaging to the issue is a Bloomberg article, Maine Woods Face Condos on Thoreau’s `Gleaming Silver Platter’ relating the ongoing story. This article is one of the few that actually point to the real threat this proposal has towards the state of Maine. They quote Christina Pritham, a Greenville resident and registered guide as saying “The new economy here is nature tourism, and if you destroy the nature you destroy the economy.” Eco Tourism is what TNC and the UN want to promote in their Man-Biosphere philosophy as they work towards locking up as much of the worlds wilderness as they can.

As the years progress we’ll see more and more of these quaint little resorts cropping up on the edges of our woodlands. We will of course lose the ability to travel freely through the wilderness, and be allowed to take trails created for our enjoyment, or maybe a guided tour through a specified patch of woods, but we will not be able to enjoy the woods as we do now.

Will the LURC make a final vote today on accepting the proposal as is? Will Plum Creek live with the proposal as is? I’m betting that the parties agreed to all of this months ago. When an NGO with as much power behind it as The Nature Conservancy has wants something, it gets it. This entire charade of pitting Maine’s NRCM and other groups against Plum Creek has always been a sham. How can NRCM be opposed to what TNC wants when members of the NRCM board are also members of TNC and NRCM takes money and gifts from TNC?

And exactly what are the members of the LURC getting out of all this? Their job was to develop plans for the growth of Maine unorganized territories. What they’ve done is allow themselves to be herded into a growth plan suitable for TNC and Plum Creek, but not for the people who were born in Maine, live in Maine and pay taxes in Maine.

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