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Posted: 04/10/2008 in Uncategorized
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As I’m sure everybody is well aware, Bush signed the fat little appropriations bill yesterday bailing Ali Baba and his forty thieves out of hot water yesterday. Led by the thief in charge, Hank Paulson, we now are in hock to these irresponsible gamblers for good. I’ve read in a few articles that some analysts claim the actual cost of this seven hundred billion dollars is ultimately going to cost you and I over three trillion before all is said and done.

The LA Times has a picture of one of these fat little greedy bastards grinning from pig ear to pig ear upon hearing the news that the bill was signed. I hope he knows how to cross the street fast enough to avoid the taxpayers that might recognize him. The article says that “California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warned this week that the state might need an emergency federal loan because of the crisis.” Apparently, smart as he claims to be, California’s Governor Kennedy doesn’t quite understand that credit is how we got to this place in the beginning. If you can’t pay for it, don’t buy it!
What started out as three simple pages has turned into a monstrous 451 page pork laden appropriation with goodies that have no business being attached to it. CAGW is gonna have a ball with this one, folks. The article winds up quoting Massholechoosits Socialist Barney Frank saying “lawmakers will “do some serious surgery on the financial structure.” Hey, remember a few years ago when Frank got caught boinking a young man outside a restaurant? Gotta wonder about a state that keeps reelecting somebody with that kind of moral character.
So here’s an important part of the bill these Socialist Left Wing reporters in the mainstream press don’t want you to hear about, higher energy costs. The Houston Chronicle has an article that says “The massive financial bailout package approved by the House on Friday and quickly signed by the president blocks oil and gas companies from enjoying nearly $5 billion in anticipated tax cuts, while raising nearly $4 billion more in new taxes to help fund tax breaks for renewable energy.” Funny, with all of this talk about Wall Street, how did the Oil industry get involved? Why should we be punished with higher energy costs because some rich jerk likes to play games with other people’s money? In case you’re not aware of it, taxs are a cost of doing business. Higher taxes means the price the consumer pays for something goes up to cover the increases. Remember Wall Street as you fill up your tank tonight.
The oil and gas provisions of the bill will raise nearly ten billion for the bailout. I fail to see the sense behind it. Credit is the problem, but credit was not addressed. How come companies that issue credit don’t get nailed? Why do the people who caused the problem get to walk away scot free? Hmm? Anybody want to answer that one?
An AP article in the Portland Press Herald says “Our economy continues to face serious challenges,” Bush conceded shortly after the plan cleared Congress.” Of course it does. The problems we’re having are the end result of what Paulson and his cronies have done to our economy. Too much credit being freely given by financial institutions. To many taxes imposed by Washington. To many regulations imposed by the left leaning Democrat’s in Congress. Too much desire to see the US become a Socialist nation in our educational institutions. And not enough of the truth and fair, honest dealing by the people we choose to represent us. That’s the real problem.
This meltdown has been brewing for a long time. I’ve known it was coming for years, and as Forrest would say, I’m not a smart man. So how come our leaders looked the other way while the pot was boiling over and running down the sides? Because we voters were stupid enough to let them get away with it. But that can change. In one month the Elections will be held, and that’s when we can start to make a difference. Boot all of the left winger spendaholic representatives out of office and elect conservative representatives into office.
Don’t know who to vote for? Not surprised, it’s hard to tell where some politicians stand on the issues. Many of them vacillate so much you’d think you were talking to one of those greasy used car salesmen. The signing of this appropriations bill by Bush is one of the final nails in the coffin of Socialism the left has been trying to bury us in for decades. We are losing our freedom, bit by bit. While all of this has been going on, another little mentioned act allowing new rules to take affect at the FBI. And I quote in full here from the Houston Chronicle;
  • Justice Department officials released new guidelines Friday that empower FBI agents to use intrusive techniques to gather intelligence within the United States, alarming civil liberties groups and Democratic lawmakers who worry that they invite privacy violations and other abuses.

  • The new road map allows investigators to recruit informants, employ physical surveillance and conduct interviews in which agents disguise their identities in an effort to assess national security threats. FBI agents could pursue each of those steps without any single fact indicating a person has ties to a terrorist organization.

  • Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Friday the guidelines are necessary to fulfill the FBI’s core mission to predict threats and respond even before an attack takes place. The guidelines take effect Dec. 1.
Need I say more?

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