Did the former leader of Goldman Sachs engineer the current financial crisis?

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Remember a few years ago how there was a fad floating around regarding the 6 degree theory? That’s the one that says you are only 6 people away from knowing everybody else in the world. It was an interesting theory at the time and got a lot of press, with several people trying to prove to me that they were only separated from the President by six people. I didn’t pay much attention at the time, but recent events surrounding the financial meltdown we are currently undergoing have led me to believe maybe it’s true after all.
Take my digging into Plum Creek and The Nature Conservancy and what they have in store for the state of Maine’s future. Financial problems with developments of size are a primary concern. It’s going to cost some big bucks to get this project up and running, provided Plum Creek even agrees to the changes, which I feel certain were engineered via back room politics with The Nature Conservancy’s involvement. The economy is tanking, but it appears as though the parties involved wish to go ahead and proceed, at least for the moment. Why? Does Plum Creek and its staff of accountants and analysts know something we don’t? exactly how are they going to recoup the investment?
I’ve come to realize that while Plum Creek may be taking advantage of a golden opportunity with its relationship with The Nature Conservancy, I don’t feel as though they are the bad boys on the block here. I’d like to see some development in the Greenville area, and they certainly could use the influx of some investment dollars. Where I differ with them is the vastness of the proposal, and the precedent being set that will encourage more likewise development ultimately causing two things to happen. One, the environment will become altered, and thus cause needless habitat destruction in unintended ways. Two, The Nature Conservancy will come along and place the area off limits in an ill disguised attempt to protect us from this set of unintended set of problems. The conservation easements will allow them to do just that. Wall off the Maine woods, prohibiting hunters, fishermen, hikers, naturalists and any other private individual who wants to enjoy what we now have free access to.
You can study The Nature Conservancy’s efforts around the world, and time after time, a similar set of actions keeps recurring. I’ve gone into it before here, so read away on the back entries. But what happens is that TNC attains controlling interest in a conservation area through either the easement tool, or through direct acquisition. Some time after the controlling interest is solidified, a crisis evolves upon the conservation area. TNC, with the backing of the United Nations political power comes up with a solution, which normally is to relocate the indigenous population and close off access to the land until the crisis can be remediated. Maine has a potential for a new presence of Canada Lynx in the Moosehead area. Will their reintroduction and population become a crisis?
But further investigation of The Nature Conservancy’s dealings have brought me to ask the question of did Goldman Sachs and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson engineer the Wall Street meltdown for the benefit of the United Nations? And did they do this under the tutelage of The Nature Conservancy? Huh? You ask? What in hell am I talking about?
Well, it’s a stretch, I know but follow along with me for a few moments. An interesting correlation amongst The Nature Conservancy, Goldman Sachs and other key players exists that doesn’t seem to have been examined by anyone else, so I guess that makes me the outside player in this little game. Let’s look back a few days to my post of 02 October ’08, Walling Off The Maine Woods. I take a look at an article from Human Events, In that article, Goldman Sachs is said to have paid The Nature Conservancy $144,000 as a consulting fee regarding a property in Tierra del Fuego. A month later, Hank Paulson gets elevated to the position of Chairman of The Nature Conservancy. Later on that year, the property, which the Chilean government valued at $100,000,000, but Goldman’s only valued at $34,000,000 for tax purposes, was given to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Paulson’s son Merritt was at the time listed as advisor or trustee to WCS and WCS is a partner to TNC.
So the bottom line in that deal was that Paulson, who insisted that last week’s $700,000,000,000 bailout was necessary, donated a property obtained by Goldman Sachs through somewhat dubious means, to a UN linked NGO, or non-government organizational member by way of The Nature Conservancy. A property, I may remind you was listed as a write off of 35 million on a property valued at 100 million by the government. Wouldn’t you think that the investors who are losing big time on Wall Street want to know why they were shortchanged in the deal involving Tierra del Fuego by the tune of some 70 million dollars of potential loss? Just so they can write off 35 million on a tax return?
On another note, The Nature Conservancy gets a new president this past July. His name is Mark Tercek. Formerly of, you guessed it, Goldman Sachs. According to a Grist article, Tercek spent twenty years as an investment banker at Goldman. Regarding Tierra del Fuego he was asked by the interviewer;
(question) Of all the striking ecosystems you’ve visited, which has been your favorite?
Tercek’s answer) Tierra del Fuego. Its beauty is just extraordinary — you’d need to be a poet to put it into words. And it’s interesting and encouraging to me that private-sector actors — Goldman Sachs in collaboration with environmental organizations — could come together along with the Chilean government to protect in perpetuity this enormous area the size of Rhode Island for the benefit of Chilean people. It excites me to think that we’re at a turning point where there’s even more opportunity to [replicate this kind of collaborative conservation model] over and over, throughout the world. The private sector is waking up and understanding the stakes and the opportunity. So new players are working in concert with the traditional players to make even more great things happen.
So we have two players from Goldman Sachs who/are were involved in the world being created by The Nature Conservancy. There are a couple of quotes that I find disturbing when looked at in the greater scheme of things, one being “I can tell you that you should expect to see the Conservancy partnering with businesses and governments alike to work toward achieving our mission.” Plum Creek, NRCM, LURC etc. included. Another quote from that article I find disturbing is Tercek’s comment that “We also see a role for the Conservancy in helping shape policies that provide incentives for reducing deforestation.” Exactly how do they intend to do that?
On Monday of this week, (05 10 ’08) Neel Kashkari was named interim head of the Treasury Department’s new Office of Financial Stability. This position puts him in charge of controlling the $700,000,000,000 bailout funds appropriated with the passage of this bailout plan for Wall Street. Mr. Kashkari comes to the Treasury Department from, UH HUH, Goldman Sachs. According to a Politico article, Kashkari was one of the original authors of this bailout plan that has been in formation for many months now.
A Bloomberg article mentions that Paulson started preparing for this crisis as soon as he assumed his position as Secretary of the treasury back in 2006. If he knew the crisis was coming, why weren’t plans made to avert the crisis? If he knew that failure was imminent, why did he not act to prevent that failure? Could it be that Paulson had ulterior motives and wanted the markets to collapse?
An interesting point raised in that same Bloomberg article says that “As Goldman’s chairman and CEO, Paulson also established relationships with politicians including Angela Merkel, now Germany’s chancellor, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and former Chinese President Jiang Zemin.” So, we have a man that is enthralled with globalization under the direction of the UN and TNC and has made relationships with key foreign powers also interested in one world government running this nation’s books. And alongside of him is another Goldman executive, and still another Goldman executive running The Nature Conservancy. Does anybody else seem to find all of this a little too convenient, or is it just me?

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