Faith and Politics…

Posted: 13/10/2008 in Uncategorized
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Is there room for faith in politics?

I wondered the other day what the candidates positions were on issues revolving around the question of faith. The answers were hard to come by, and rather ambiguous at times, so I thought I would share some news clips here about faith in America, and how the game of politics is affected by the candidates faith. It’s funny to find that as peoples faith in our economy declines, the attendence at church’s increases. Do these new and returning attendees visit their places of worship because they believe, or do they visit through sheer panic and terror of the unknown?

Arguments go both ways, but we know the liberal left tends to be anti-God, no matter what the church affiliation is. Issues that should be at the forefront take back burner status when the media overloads the airwaves and print with the story of choice. Right now, the big story is the economy, but what about the issues of abortion, gays, school choice, freedom of religion and the like? Where do the candidates stand?

Even our enemies are crowing about the crisis the money boys are complaining about. Iran’s Ahmadinejad claims our problems are because of our lack of faith in God. I hate to ay it, but he may be right.

I still haven’t figured out exactly where the candidates stand regarding their religious beliefs, but check back and I’ll be posting what I find.


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