Baldacci Scores A 56

Posted: 22/10/2008 in Uncategorized
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The Cato institute just released a study regarding the nations gubernatorial fiscal policies, and our own governor, John Baldacci came in with a score of 56, not real good, but not real bad, either. Just and average Joe, sitting someplace between two shores.
According to the report Cato gave Baldacci a score of 56, and a grade ranking of B. Only three governors received an A grade; Florida’s Charlie Crist, 84, S. Carolina’s Mark Sanford, 68, and W. Virginia’s Mark Manchin, 67. 13 other governors shared Baldaci’s B grade, with scores from 55 to 63.
Table A-1 on page 10 looks at spending and revenue variables, with Maine showing these results; spending score, 74; proposed changes in per capita spending 0.0%; actual changes in per capita spending, 4.0%; revenue score, 50; and changes in revenue from proposed and enacted tax changes, 0.2%.
Table A-2 on page 11 looks at tax rate variables, with Maine showing these results; tax rate score of 50; 0.00 change in the top individual, corporate and sales tax rates and 100 change in the cigarette tax rate.
Let’s look at the summary they post of Baldacci:

John Baldacci, Democrat
Grade B
Legislature: Democratic
Took office: January 2003

Residents of Maine face one of the highest state tax burdens in the nation. Thus Governor Baldacci’s efforts to cut property taxes on homeowners and get rid of an uncompetitive property tax on business equipment were much needed. He also proposed recently to reduce the state’s top personal income tax ate. However, the governor has supported substantial tax increases on consumers 0f tobacco and alcohol. On spending, Baldacci’s has a good record, although he has supported large spending increases on his Dirigo health care plan, and he opposed a referendum to put a legal cap on state budget growth.

It’s an interesting read, you should go check it out here.


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