The E10 Backlash Is Brewing…

It’s back to the ethanol grind. I keep reading more and more about the downsides of using ethanol, but the same old arguments pertaining to the benefits get rehashed time and time again, with no change. Anecdotal evidence is increasing against its use here in Maine, but I have doubts as to whether or not […]

Is ethanol stealing from the food banks?

Is the ethanol we now put into our gas tanks here is Maine cutting into our Thanksgiving dinner? Hard to tell for sure. The US corn growing industry claims that only three percent of the rise in food prices can be attributed to the practice of converting food crops into fuel crops. The World Bank […]

Cash is King!

Well, it’s another Turkey day tomorrow. A day off, with no pay for many, but at least you get to eat really well. Unless you cannot afford to. With the tightening recession there are going to be more people in that gravy boat than ever before. The entire world is finally admitting that the world […]

What’s up with the down gas prices?

I’ve been asked a few times what I believe the future holds for the price of gas at the pump. We’re talking 87 Octane here for prices by the way. Hi test will become astronomically high as time progresses. A couple of years ago I predicted it would be at about $5.00 per US gallon […]

E10, what’s it really cost? (chapter two)

As I continue to look at the true impact and compare benefits and costs of using ethanol as an alternative fuel, I am more convinced of my original position regarding its usage. It is a viable alternative under certain conditions, but it should not be a forced alternative. There are simply too many problems, too […]

Ethanol, is it ethical fuel?

It’s an interesting question, and the obvious answer is yes, it is an ethical fuel. But sometimes ethics can be a cloudy area to deal with. What’s right in one country or society may be a big taboo in another. Here in the US we subsidize corn growers and distillers to turn corn crops into […]