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Posted: 02/11/2008 in Uncategorized
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Barak Obama and John McCain are definitely birds of a different feather, in more ways than one.

Let’s take the issue of campaign financing, for one. Way back in the days of the Nixon fallout, a little thing called campaign finance reform was born, and for the most part politicians since then have pretty much ascribed to the principals laid out by that reform. Public financing was a way to limit the quid pro quo formula that big politics had played to since we became these United States. Big contributors always got to pick the tune that the President sang. Which was a good thing for the big contributors. Not so for the little guy. Where do you think the fuel for the Dems ploy of the Big Oil/Bush connections come from?

The little guys like you and me had to take what we were given. The liberals like to bash Bush, (of whom I am greatly disappointed in today, due to his turning on the public and starting us down the road to socialized banking, and all the rest of the ruin that will follow) and unfairly so based upon his ties to big oil. If we read the graphics and statistics over the last twelve years, we can see how Billy the Bubba Clinton sent the economy into a dive by forcing banks to take on subprime credit risks, and Bush turned things around, and the economy started improving.

It wasn’t until this last winter when the US currency value started to waiver in the world markets, and then, when it became apparent that Barak Obummer was going to be the Dem’s pick for prez, the value of the dollar plummeted in a freefall, increasing the cost of goods purchased in other countries, including oil. The resulting dramatic, and record breaking increases in the cost of fuel prevented people from being able to make mortgage payments. Of course, that led to defaults and resulting penalties, and a subsequent decline in the housing market.

The homes are still there, and people need a roof over their heads, but we are no longer willing to pay inflated prices for that housing. But the tale goes on and on. bottom line to the story is that the Socialists who have been pushing and prodding the public into going along with their perverted way of thinking are finally winning, or seem to be. But I have faith in the American spirit and I believe if Obummer does manage to buy his election, it may well be the swan song for the Democrat Party. We American’s are not so stupid that we’re going to give up all of our freedoms that easily.

By departing from what has become the norm in political fundraising, the Obama camp has refused public funding, and the constraints placed upon his campaign that come with that funding. Instead, he has returned to the good old days of private contributions. But where did those contributions come from? Who has Barak Obama been taking bribes, er, I meant donations from? Recently, Colin Powell turned his back on the party that put him where he is today, and left the GOP ranks by endorsing Obama. Is Colin Powell to be Obama’s Secretary of Defense, or some other high ranking official in Obama’s cabinet in exchange for that endorsement? Obama may not be the first, nor the last to eschew public financing, but every candidate that does runs the risk that he’ll be connected to one special interest coming from big money or another. What’s his connection going to be?

There are a lot of skeletons hanging in Obama’s closet that haven’t even been touched by the mainstream media. Could it be that Obama’s expenditures to the media industry has bought their silence and support? Why do the media ignore Biden, and the danger his position as a possible President should Obama get assassinated presents to this Nation? And why do the media, on the other hand assassinate Palin’s character? Do the research and you’ll find that studies show that the media unfairly attacked McCain and Palin at rates ranging from three to one all the way up to seven to one when comparing attacks on the GOP ticket compared to favorable stories for the Dems ticket?

As far as I’m concerned, Obama has bought the votes he gets Tuesday with his glossy advertising and avoidance of normally acceptable usage of the press during his campaign. He offers little real substance, but counters it instead with misleading sound bites and clips that give a hopeful spin to his plans for reform. Problem is, all of these reforms are going to have to be paid for by somebody, and as it’s a government, not a business, all of the taxpayers are going to have to pay for these state centered programs and regulations he wants to impose upon the public.

If you vote for Obama, I hope you’ve got deep enough pockets to pay your tax bill. You know, I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t redo the election cycle so that we cast our votes on April 15th instead of the first Tuesday in November, or vice-versa. I think voting would take on a difference importance that way, don’t you?


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