Changing History…Changing Direction…

Posted: 05/11/2008 in Uncategorized
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I have been sitting here watching TV, much as I hate the thing, for several hours now, and several things are quite clear. #1, at this point, Barak Hussein Obama will probably win the Electoral vote by a large margin. #2, conservatives give up way too easy. #3, it is time for conservatives to change their way of playing political games. It used to be that elections held a sort of mystique for me. They were a time of uncertainty, with the outcome not clear until the newspaper bounced off your front door and into the bushes in the early morning hours.

Not so today. With the power of the net and high-speed communications at our disposal, we can get what are practically real time results. Exit polling has become an insanely accurate science bordering on the world of satanic wizardry. Fox news was practically calling the election for O’bumble’s camp as early as about 7:20 PM, when I tuned into the channel.

What is interesting is that they were able to call it that early, when at quarter of ten, I perused their election results map and it seemed as though the two candidates were running pretty close to each other in popular votes. But then, as I listened to the announcers, they did spout the phrase “Too close” with almost every sentence. Makes me wonder why they start reporting so early, what with the undependable results of polling. Polling is accurate if you poll one hundred percent of a population, and can be a good indicator if you poll a majority. However, most polls actually consist of very small numbers of people.

I read a poll the other day that claimed B.O. was going to win the election by a clear majority. The pollsters queried 640 people. 640 people can decide the outcome of an election for President of the United States? I don’t think so. Anyway, judging from the media coverage, I can feel reasonably confident in saying that B.O. did in fact buy himself an election.

Yep, I’m gonna call Barak Hussein Obama B.O. from now on. Kinda like the guy on the old A-team TV show that called himself B.A. Apropos wouldn’t you say, given the circumstances.

To get back to the results, the fact that the GOP is in such disarray over the election shows that a different tack needs to be employed in the political races of all positions is in need.

Yep! It’s official; the freshman Senator from Illinois, B.O. is our new President elect. Too damn bad. What most people do not realize is that the last obstacle the One World Government crowd had to prevent their destruction of the world’s only true democracy has now been removed.

We are now going to see more tax and spend programs, more welfare, more cut and run military moves, and more caving in to the United Nations’ demands. As Republicans, we need to start treating the Democrat nation of misled voters the same way they have treated us for the last eight years, and I intend to do just that. I do not intend to take this defeat sitting down. The time to build momentum for the next Presidential election cycle is now. We need to have a candidate who adheres to conservative views, and is not afraid of being politically incorrect. We need to get back to being government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I hope the mainstream media outlets realize their error in support of this Socialist Senator, and start reporting truth and facts, not their own twisted opinions. The truth always comes out, and it always wins in the end. Which side do you stand on? Truth and freedom, or lies and Socialism?

On the upside, Susan Collins managed to retain her seat as our US Senator. Maybe she’ll be in the running for the first female US President?


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