Welcome to the fray, Barak Obama…..

Posted: 07/11/2008 in Uncategorized
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With the Great B.O.’s Presidential win, the liberally biased media has been making the buzz word this week “euphoria.” Problem solved they claim, we won! We won! Won what exactly? We have a new demander in chief who’s already started to prove that he’s not someone who can pull the two sides together by the potential staff picks he’s been bandying about. We already know the turncoat Colin Powell will probably picked as Secretary of Defense, or is Secretary of de fence?
So, everything’s solved and the problems will go away. Bush is gone and so are the problems. The problems are just beginning, baby! The Houston Chronicle reports that “Oil prices neared $60 a barrel today, their lowest point in about a year and a half, as a growing number of economic reports point to a long and painful recession. The number of Americans continuing to draw unemployment benefits surged to a 25-year high, the Labor Department said today, and the nation’s retailers saw their sales plummet last month to the weakest October level since at least 1969.” Yep! That’s an end to the problems.
Meanwhile, the Great B.O. prepares to ascend the throne, carefully picking his chess pieces from amongst his loyal supporters. He gets his first one on one with Bush Monday, where I bet he gets an earful and a half of truth he doesn’t really want to hear. The Dems have been preaching a program of stimulus for Christmas to boost the economy, however, the L.A. Times reports that “One Obama advisor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that it may be preferable to wait until the new president is sworn in before passing a stimulus package. “Wait until the new president and the new team can put together a package that becomes a down payment on a broader investment agenda,” the advisor said. “That would be my preference.”
Seems as though the Great B.O. is already backtracking and getting ready to do battle against California’s Madame Pelosi and her tax grab gang. Should be a bloody field come the new spring. I wonder just when the press is going to realize what they’ve really done by assuring Obama’s victory by twisting the lies around so they look like the truth about the Great B.O.? I’d say PDQ, or pretty damn quick.
That same L.A. Times articles speaks on his pick as top aide as being one Rahm Emanuel. Here’s the reporters take on the man; “But Emanuel, 48, is also one of the toughest operatives in American politics, known for cutting oratory and partisan tactics. He alienated some Republicans while vaulting the Democrats back to power in the 2006 elections. Prone to bursts of obscenities, Emanuel is known for flashing his right middle finger, which was partly severed when he was in high school. He has called himself “cutthroat” in deciding which congressional seats to contest. He once plunged a knife into a table over and over again, and cried out “Dead man!” each time as he ran down the names of political adversaries.” Yee Haww! I can’t way to se a SNL skit on this guys first public blow up!
The Great B.O. claimed to be a mender of fences, but we on the right know better. Obama is as prone to desiring a Socialist government as Pelosi is, but now that he’s the President elect, he’ll find out just exactly who the boss is. And the boss ain’t me and you, neither is it the Great B.O. The powers that be are always behind the scenes, and they always control us, just like the little man behind the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. Except the little man here isn’t some kindly old fruitcake explorer from some guys crack dream, it’s a group of men who hold world domination as their core meaning of life. Who are they? Who really pulls the strings to the puppet we call President?
And how will this new puppet react to these men?
And here’s to the chief! Lotsa work ahead, buddy!






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