Is ethanol stealing from the food banks?

Posted: 27/11/2008 in Uncategorized
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Is the ethanol we now put into our gas tanks here is Maine cutting into our Thanksgiving dinner? Hard to tell for sure. The US corn growing industry claims that only three percent of the rise in food prices can be attributed to the practice of converting food crops into fuel crops. The World Bank on the other hand, claims nearly seventy five percent of the increase in food prices can be attribute to the practice. Watch this video for more….

Surprisingly, the UN has been pushing for the global implementation of ethanol as a way to combat global warming, but nobody stopped to think that the E10 we are now required to poison our gas tanks with would cause increases in food prices. How’s that for a happy Thanksgiving? The increase is causing havoc in the nation’s food banks as well, as there hasn’t been any comparable rise in cash donations to keep pace with the rising operating costs of these food banks and soup kitchens. Check out these videos for more on the issue…

Food prices continue to rise, but in the tightening economy, contributions tend to decrease putting a lot of people, many whom you might even know, of being in danger of being undernourished. Maybe this would be a good year for us to take some of that tightly held cash that we were going to use to buy an Xbox toy game, and instead use it to help our less fortunate neighbors out of a bind. Don’t know anything about your local food bank? Check them out at your local grocer, and find out how you can help this year. You’ll have a much happier Christmas if you do.

And while you’re deciding what you want to do this year, remember, food prices are continuing to rise…

The primary reasons behind the increase of food prices has more to do with commodities traders than it does with ethanol directly. But even so, much of the costs of producing the food we buy and eat is affected by the costs of energy used in that production. Fuel is needed to power tractors to plant and harvest the crops, trucks to get the crops to market, energy is used to process those crops into canned and frozen food products and so on. The hysteria surrounding the false doctrine of global warming was the initiator of much of this drive to divert food into fuel, but most of the cost increase is directly related not to crop diversion as many have claimed, but by the meteoric rise in energy costs, whose fault I lay at the feet of the UN.

Happy Thanksgiving, and that’s Dan’s Maine view for today.


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