Maine’s global warming…maybe not…

Unless you are reading this from a tropical nation the you’re well aware that winter has settled in for the 08-09 session of frozen beauty and bliss. And along with the dropping temps come an increased demand for fuel for heating our homes, and gas for our defrosting cars. Last winter was a season of […]

Another Day In Maine…

Another day, another dollar is an old expression. Given today’s economic maelstrom we’d have to change it something a little more appropriate to get the same meaning. Maybe another day, another barrel of oil?… I gave an opinion the other day that gas prices would rise slightly sometime in the first two weeks of next […]

Maine is not alone…

That’s right, Maine is not alone in this global financial crisis we are feeling. Funny, but the leftists have always been partial to the UNs drive for globalization, and now we’re all paying for it. Emerging markets, such as China and India have become the new labor force allowing the US to consume much more […]

Maine’s Retail, A dying Future?

Attention shoppers…the store will be closing… How many times have you heard this at the end of the shopping day? Many stores will be announcing they will be closing for good over the next year or so in Maine, unfortunately. At this point, the causes for the recession we are undergoing are irrelevant. The bigger […]

Energy, will the upward creep begin?

Like I mentioned about a month ago, I’d get back on the energy cost issue towards the end of December. That time is here, but things are still a little cloudy as to predictions in my crystal ball. I mentioned also in one post that there may be a slight increase at the pump in […]

Straw homes, energy and the economy

Here’s a homeowner that hasn’t turned the heat on in over a year! Maybe we should take a cue from this home on the range, made with 24” thick straw walls. The report claims the owner hasn’t turned the heat on since last year (2007) and has one room where it may easily get over […]

Maine, the Northeastern UN stronghold?

Plum Creek VS Maine, struggle still going on! Yep! That’s right, Plum Creek just isn’t going to go away. I know that, you know that, and they know that. but most importantly, TNC knows that. but TNC can live with it because they’re getting everything they want, and you and I are going to be […]