The Cycle of Economy…

Posted: 02/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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The cycle of steadily increasing gas and energy costs is at quite a low spot this week, a lot lower than I thought it would get after the election. The question we need to ask is how long is it going to stay this low? I suspect not for very long. The well price, or what the importers pay has turned and started to climb on the futures market already. I’m going to guess another week will pass before we see the pump price start to climb appreciably again. A lot of people have been criticizing big oil over the last few months, claiming that they are manipulating the prices, or that Bush and Cheney are behind the rise in prices.
Check out this little article for more on that subject…

Even though bio-fuels are starting to be questioned as an intelligent alternative, many start-ups are going full scale with conversion of various feedstock into the different bio-fuel grades. One of the up and coming feed sources is becoming household cooking oil and scrap meats.

In other news, the pro’s are finally admitting that we are in a recession, so I guess we can call it official now. We’d been seeing this coming for a while now but it is surprising that the Feds waited this long to admit there were some problems with the economy.

I gotta wonder how long the American taxpayer is going to flounder around complaining about how things are before we start to do the right thing and start dumping the left leaning politicians. We were a strong nation with a strong economy when we had strong conservative leadership in Washington, we haven’t had that for a while and it shows. I give it until about the second quarter of 2010 before people realize how badly they’ve been screwed by Paulson’s UN directed bailout packages.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s gonna be tough to make it for that long, especially if some of my suspicions regarding the new Clinton, oh excuse me, the new Obama regime come true. I hear the world is going to end in 2012 anyways, so maybe it doesn’t matter. But it does, because I do not believe that false prophecy.

But no matter what happens, we’re still going to have to deal with the runaway deflation that we are now seeing. It is a nasty cycle that will prolong this recession, but it is a price we must pay for our unfettered usage of plastic money to get what we want. We need to learn to get rid of the credit cards, and congress should learn to follow suite. Pay cash, or go without. With the exception of larger capitol acquisitions such as a new home or car, it’s the way things should be.

Maybe we’ll learn this time around.


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