Maine’s growing UN connection…

Posted: 03/12/2008 in UN
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I find it interesting to watch the world shrinking around us. Maine is shrinking too, growing closer and closer every year to servitude to the UN and all it stands for, even the stuff they try to hide. The Great B.O. has appointed a person with ties to Maine as his UN ambassador, elevating that same position to a cabinet level post at the same time. A Portland Press article says the nominee, Susan Rice, is a former Clintonista, with familial ties to the Pine Tree state.

The article, Ambassador-designate Rice has Maine ties says that “Susan Rice often visits Maine, where the family has a summer home in Lincolnville.” While it’s nice that someone with Maine ties can climb to such a lofty position, I’m not looking forward to the potential ramifications it will mean to us here. Maine is an eroding state, in case you haven’t noticed lately. With more and more people setting up housekeeping from away, I see a decline in the basic ethics that made Maine such a great state in days gone by.

We’re already embracing the UN pushed deal between Plum Creek and TNC with the LURCs approval of the proposal put forth for Maine’s Northwood’s. Many of you do not realize it, but a growing swath of wilderness will soon be stretching from Bangor all the way to the great lakes area with just a few populated centers in between. This land is becoming largely under the control of TNC, a UN NGO, or puppet organization.

Much of these conservation lands are being forcefully depopulated around the world at the behest of TNC, and under the direction of the UN. I have a quote here from the Wildlands Project series from the Land & Access website…

“Wildlands will affect everyone in North America. According to Charles Mann and Mark Plummer writing in the June 1993 edition of “Science” magazine, Wildlands “calls for nothing less than resettling the entire continent. It calls for a network of wilderness reserves, human buffer zones and wildlife corridors stretching across huge tracts of land — hundreds of millions of acres; as much as half the continent.” Mike Coffman, Ph.D., President of Environmental Perspectives and author of Saviors of Earth says, “Under the plan, one quarter of (Canada and) the United States would be turned into wilderness where all human activity would literally cease. Another quarter of the land would be set aside in buffer zones where human activity would be severely limited.” The migration habits of large mammals–wolves, bear, lynx or so-called endangered species–are employed as the reason to cease human activity in these bio-regions.”

They are doing a good job of misleading the public here in Maine with the true nature of TNC’s intent behind siding with Plum Creek’s Greenville development. They claim that we, the public, will continue have the same access to the woods as we do now, but how long will that stand? TNC is working around the world to promote UN control over localized properties through this process. In a 21 Nov. USA article (below), China is opening its first national park based upon the US park model. The article quotes Ma Shengli, a local tourism bureau head as saying “Tourism is the best replacement for logging…” Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Susan Rice should get along quite well with Henry Paulson, another UN puppet, being former chairman of TNC. Another interesting link is that Rice’s “…father is Emmett J. Rice, a retired senior vice president at the National Bank of Washington and a former governor of the Federal Reserve.” Interesting how these puzzle pieces just seem to be coming together faster and faster.

You are probably thinking that Dan’s Maine View is a bit of a lunatic view, but it’s not. Check out this website for the Wildlands Project, that is now called the Wildlands Network, here. There is a page directly relating to the Northeast here, which addresses the attempts by these people to block access to the wilderness.

Here is an interesting quote from the page; “Bill McKibben really says it best in the epilogue to Wilderness Comes Home: Rewilding the Northeast: “Both on the ground…and in the minds of more and more of their citizens, a new North Woods is taking shape. No longer the half-forgotten remnant of some past glory…the north country is now the foundation of a possible future glory…”

What are we looking at in relation to the TNC brokered deal between the LURC, Plum Creek and the people of Maine? Here’s the projects own statement regarding the area; That’s a lot of woodland these people want to take away from hardworking taxpayers. Over 85 million acres, if you want an idea of the size. “This region is the greater northern Appalachians, which encompasses portions of northern New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as southern Québec and all of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.”

How serious are they? This is their own statement; “…the Wildlands Project made protecting the northern Appalachians one of its top priorities five years ago.”

This claim is not an unfounded claim. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence floating around to provide a solid foundation to believe that these environmentalists wish to deprive you and me of what we have come to enjoy for recreation, as well as to provide a living. Stay tuned for more as the months progress…..


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