Global warming and the storm of the day…

Posted: 12/12/2008 in UN, weather
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Global warming heats up the South?

Not today it doesn’t. A huge snowstorm, flying in the face of Al Gore’s global warming claim covered much of the southern US today. How can this be happening if our temperatures are supposed to be warming up? It makes me wonder how long it will be before we see someone say “ It was an error on our part, we failed to take into account how the CO2 effect would create a barrier leading to lower temperatures, thus destroying our climate even more quickly by these quickening temperature changes. Please send us more money so we can do more research into this phenomena.” Yah, right. You made a mistake all right.

Check out this video from New Orleans and watch global warming in action…

Some of the stuff that’s going on thanks to these Henny-Pennys in regards to the falling sky is pretty ridiculous. The required usage of ethanol in our automobiles here in Maine is just one of many. One of the things we haven’t heard a lot about lately is the coming incandescent bulb ban, already being exercised in many locales besides Maine, such as the EU.

There are some researchers looking for alternatives, such as UNT….

Everybody seems to be endorsing the newer CFls, or compact fluorescent bulbs, but most people are still unaware of the drawbacks, such as the lead and mercury poisoning that can occur by the disposal of these bulbs, especially the cheaper imports. Only a matter of time folks. Before long, we’ll all be wearing them purty blue armbands.


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