Maine’s upside-downside economy…

Posted: 19/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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The upside of a down economy = low energy costs. And that’s about it, folks. We had quite a ride over the last few years here in Maine with the price of the fuel we in our cars, the electric bills and so on. But now that the whipsaw rise is done for a while what can we expect? Even China is slashing fuel prices…

A lot depends upon what the newly elected Great B.O. will be screwing up during the infamous 100 day honeymoon every president experiences. Of course, his backers are going to be in for a huge surprise when they find out that old Barack isn’t really the man in charge, but just a puppet to those that are, just like Bush was and Clinton before him, all the way back to Mr. Washington.

Maine is being hit pretty hard too, and the PPH had a story today regarding the cutbacks MPBN are taking to survive the loss of revenue they are suffering from. I’d almost feel bad about the 20% pay cut Jim Dowe, the networks president is taking, but c’mon folks, he’s still making 134 thousand a year. How much were the full timers who are losing their jobs making per year?

But anyways, the fortunate thing in all this is that fuel prices will be lower, at least for a while longer. I can see indications that we will start to see a creep upwards after the Great B.O. settles in, and by the middle of next year or so start to regain quite a bit of the ground it has lost, price-wise, that is. At less than $37 a barrel, I have to wonder how much longer the energy giants will be able to tolerate the current economic situation. At some point they will put their foot down, and no question about it either…

It used to be said that the Saudi’s and their OPEC pals had us over a barrel, so to speak, but with the recent cutbacks they have taken in production to drive the supply side of the supply /demand equation down, I think they have found that maybe they aren’t so powerful anymore…

The US bureau of labor statistics shows that we have gone from a unemployment rate of 5.4 in May to 5.7 in October, not a good sign. Worse to come though. But we need to start telling our elected representatives that we are not going to elect them again unless they start reducing taxes and regulations and restore an economy we can live with here in Maine. We are not the only state with problems, but because some state foresaw bad times, and made cuts in government spending, reducing taxation and regulation, they are far better off and will be able to weather the current economic storm.

Get in touch with your reps, tell them you mean business. NO new taxes in this upcoming session. No new regulations in this upcoming session. Tell them you want to see reductions of Maine’s increasing governmental presence. Big government stifles progress, not encourages it.


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