Straw homes, energy and the economy

Posted: 22/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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Here’s a homeowner that hasn’t turned the heat on in over a year! Maybe we should take a cue from this home on the range, made with 24” thick straw walls. The report claims the owner hasn’t turned the heat on since last year (2007) and has one room where it may easily get over 80 degrees with its southern exposure.

Energy prices are pretty low at the moment, and it looks like the low costs are going to continue, at least until about the second week of January. There is a possibility that we may see a spike on Monday or Tuesday, but the odds are against it for the moment, but you never know what may happen. I haven’t quite figured out what will happen long term with the energy costs in the form of electricity are going to be yet as I have not looked at the results from last week’s RGGI carbon auction. It looks like the take for the government was in excess of one hundred million by a large margin, so I am going to predict a three percent rise in electrical rates, when they occur.

Meanwhile, the world economy continues to decline. Seems kind of funny that a world that holds such antagonism towards the US would be so dependent upon our dollar. Due to our reduced spending, the Chinese alone have lost six million jobs, or so they claim. Watch the clip for more…

I see a lot of product cross the warehouse at my work from Dong Guong Province. The amount has been significantly lowered over the last few weeks though. But the US is not in the bailout boat alone, however. The EU and Canada have announced potential bail-out programs as well. I still say the best way to make thing right is to let the bigger companies fail, if they have to. Nobody is sending me any of this taxpayer money, why should they get any?

Besides, we all get what we deserve don’t we?


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