Maine is not alone…

Posted: 29/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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That’s right, Maine is not alone in this global financial crisis we are feeling. Funny, but the leftists have always been partial to the UNs drive for globalization, and now we’re all paying for it. Emerging markets, such as China and India have become the new labor force allowing the US to consume much more in the way of imported goods. But even though they may be growing financially, they are not immune.

We talk about the have and have not’s, the rich versus the poor, and the middle class struggle here in Maine but what we fail to realize is that while all men are created equal, that doesn’t mean they all have to have the same bank balance. It was never intended that we all lead the same standard of living. We need the rich. But since we have all become envious and desirous to obtain those levels of wealth, we have given birth and rise to a credit industry that feeds into our lusts and allows us to buy more than we really need. Just so we can feel like we are rich. And naturally, everybody tags along for the ride.

We can criticize the greedy lenders, but the only reason we are in this boat is that we are too weak to ignore our own greed, and so we feed the need, just like an addict hooked on drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any other unbridled passion we may have as humans. The credit industry would not exist as it does today if we had only learned from past economic turmoil and developed habits that led to savings accounts and paying cash for what we wanted. But no, we keep feeding into and off of a constantly evolving industry of false fiat currency.

And because we still fail to see the real reason for the current situation, and we are too proud to realize we may need to do with less, we fall for the inevitable scams that come along in the wake of a shooting star.

But will we Mainer’s learn to shrug off the media driven urge to satisfy our lust? Or are we doomed to follow along on the globalization mantra, claiming we should all be equal, not just in freedom, but in our wealth as well? The hidden and ignored class system has existed in the United States since our ancestors arrived on the shores of Popham Beach in Phippsburg 400 years ago. We will always have the rich, and the poor. There is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, and gain wealth, but when that wealth is a false reliance on the plastic cash world, we are not really wealthy. We just seem like it. True wealth comes from true value, not false value. Start saving. Set aside enough cash that you will be able to survive future economic crisis. Build a retirement fund. Open dedicated savings account so that you can buy that snowmobile and you can own it, not the finance company. Lets work at putting the credit industry back into its proper palce.


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