Another Day In Maine…

Posted: 30/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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Another day, another dollar is an old expression. Given today’s economic maelstrom we’d have to change it something a little more appropriate to get the same meaning. Maybe another day, another barrel of oil?…
I gave an opinion the other day that gas prices would rise slightly sometime in the first two weeks of next year, reaching maybe a 5% gain over what they were at the time. It appears as though I may be right. Middle East tensions over the conflict in Gaza seems to be ratcheting up the wholesale price as light sweet crude closed today at just over $40.00 a barrel. Keep checking with the Gas Buddy tool…

Unfortunately, the dollar isn’t going up in value. Instead it lost again to the Euro and the Yen. This will increase the wholesale cost of anything we buy overseas, like all of that cheap Chinese crap we yearn to buy, and oil too.

While foreign markets made some gains it appears as though the US markets fell again today, led by a decline in the Dow stocks.

Maine used to have a pretty wide range of repair businesses such as tailoring and cobbler shops where you could get just about anything mended. Over the last few decades we have become more and more engulfed in the disposable life where we would just throw it away and buy a new one. Money was thrown about without thought or consequence. Perhaps we’re learning some new old lessons here about thrift and saving.

But we love it here in Maine anyways, right? A lot of people complained about the weather we had just before Christmas and the so called ‘Ice Storm 08’ as it has been dubbed, but we were not alone. The entire northern tier of the country has suffered as well. An unusual winter? Hardly, but not a common one. We’ve had worse, and we’ve had better here in Maine.

Keep in touch, there’s much worse to come. I’ve noticed that a lot of economic analysts seem to place little notice or care in how the value of the US dollar affects our economy. I’ve also noticed that most weathermen also seem to place little interest in forecasting by the jet stream and its resulting effect as well. Perhaps they should. Both of these indicators are actually key components in both meteorological and economic storms. But nobody seems to care. Why is that, I wonder?

Oh well, that’s Dan’s Maine view for today….


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