Maine’s global warming…maybe not…

Posted: 31/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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Unless you are reading this from a tropical nation the you’re well aware that winter has settled in for the 08-09 session of frozen beauty and bliss. And along with the dropping temps come an increased demand for fuel for heating our homes, and gas for our defrosting cars. Last winter was a season of record pricing and turmoil in the combined market segments relating to energy, and this year may not be starting out so bad, but it’s early yet.

In keeping watch on the futures we see that Light Sweet Crude settled in at $39.03 per barrel on the markets. The price had started to rise on news of the renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas, but guess what? More bad news of the US economic problems dampened the rise.

Part of this whole problem is with the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing from September after the Washington Yahoos decided they would not bail them out. I still think Goldman Sachs was behind this move. Good old Hanky Panky Paulson looking out for the hood, so to speak. I understand that there was a loss of around seventy five billion total, with unsecured notes of over twenty million involved.

Ironically, the world’s first carbon free city is being built in Abu Dhabi, said to potentially house up to 50,000 people. No cars, and all energy from renewable resources. But the efforts to produce more oil will not be eliminated. No siree. They’ll continue to produce until there is no more to produce.

One of the scams floating around in the wake of Comrade Gores’ global warming scare is the new way of buying what are called ‘Carbon Offsets’ Businesses wanting to grab the green buck business claim that you can help solve this manufactured crisis by purchasing these credits. In exchange for your green back, theses green bucks will plant a tree or invest in some scheme to reduce CO2 pollution.

Of course, if you were truly concerned with saving the world, wouldn’t you opt to not participate in the activity that you are buying offsets for in the first place? Meaning, in the example of the concert in this clip. would it not be better if the concert were not held in the first place? Planting a tree in Brazil will not eliminate the pollution a concert in Portland’s Civic center would create.

The RGGI auctions our unelected representatives have opted in on are going to be forcing our electric rates to be raised to cover the offsets these utilities have purchased as a bribe to keep the environmentalists off their backs. It’s a business expense, they’re not going to swallow the costs, but merely pass them on to the consumer.

It’s time we Mainer’s start facing the truth behind these scams and start electing people to represent us that will refuse to bow down before the mother earth crowd. Call up your rep and ask them what they know about the carbon auctions and global warming. Then ask them if they know the truth. Maine’s headed into a lot of trouble, but the powers that control the strings in Augusta are not letting the public know what’s coming. Demand to know what is going on. The next session starts soon


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