Stimulating Morons…..

First off let me say that I am proud of Susan Collins for voting against Tim Geithner’s nomination to the position of Secretary of the Treasury. On the other hand, our other Senator, Olympia Snowe, who probably won’t get my vote if she runs again, voted in favor of his nomination. Politics is a dangerous […]

E10, The Fools Fuel?

I’ve been off for a few days, but I’ve still been tracking some of the happenings around Maine. Particularly the issue of E10 as we now have it available state-wide, or pretty darn close to it by now. I had mentioned a price hike of 5% by the end of the second week of January, […]

Topless Coffee Shop Approved…

Topless coffee shop. Well, it got approved unanimously by the Vassalboro powers that be. Wonder how hot the coffee will be? Interesting that with all the crap and corruption going on in Maine today that this is the piece that gets national attention. The Joseph Soley VS City of Portland Smack-down continues as tenants sue […]

Maine’s Unintended News…

Unintended consequences pop up with nearly every action we take, sometimes good, other times…not so good. I read in the PPH that a long running ‘stand of opinion’ is coming to a climax in Portland’s Old Port this week. The gist of the argument seems to stem from a series of disturbances and complaints from […]

Maine’s top news is….topless?

The top news in Maine today seems to be the topless news story from Vassalboro. An AP article has spread the word far and wide that Donald Crabtree has applied for a permit, but refuses to discuss his plans for a new coffee shop in a former Rte 3 hotel. The article says “Neighbors have […]

Maine’s fuel going up…& stinky regulations…

Gas prices are definitely on their way back up! Another penny per gallon hike was noticed as I drove by a couple of the stations today. California’s gas is climbing faster though, as this next video shows… You know, this CO2 crap is really getting out of hand. I hear now that there are some […]

Maine Politics, News, Mike Huckabee

In a look back at my prediction for gas prices this year I had suggested a 5% gain within the first two weeks. It didn’t take long to start as the NYMEX price climbed 4.57% to close at $111.05 per gallon at the close of the markets Friday. Question is, how long will it take […]