Wrong economy, Right Whale…

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The new year is here!!! Yee haw, as they say in some places. This year I’ll probably concentrating on three subjects. One of them will be energy and the ethanol equation. The second will be global warming, and the third will be Maine’s developing future and all things surrounding tomorrow. The Plum Creek saga continues, and I’m nearly done my book on the whole escapade of corruption and conspiracy in the Maine woods. Should be an interesting read. Look for news of its completion and availability here on Dan’s Maine View towards the end of January.

So anyways, I predicted some days ago that during the first two weeks of January we would be seeing at least a 5% jump in the pump price of gasoline, and things seem to be right on track to make that dream come true. The futures on light sweet crude settled yesterday at $44.60 a barrel. That’s quite a jump, though not nearly as severe as some jumps we saw this past year. The markets were closed today, naturally, so I have nothing to compare to on a DTD comp value, but according to Gas Buddy, remember to use the little icon/tool freely, the price has remained stable as of the last reading. I paid $1.679 last Friday, so there has been no increase, but there probably will be in about three days or so. I’ve noticed that it takes about a week for the increase to take hold, and about 5-6 weeks for any substantial decrease to take hold.

With the winding down of 2008 we look forward to the inauguration of the nation’s first black president, the Great B.O. hisself. I kind of wonder that maybe his honeymoon may not be so long as he’d like it to be. Already he’s been hounded by protesters of the Israeli conflict while he was vacationing in his supposed birth state of Hawaii. These are some of the same leftists that promoted his cause and voted for him as well, so the tide turns quickly. Maybe the Great B.O. should have vacationed up in the Bay of Funday.

In just over three weeks, Barack Hussein Obama will be taking the oath of office, only to have to deal with this ongoing middle east conflict. He [Obama] had billed himself as a peacenik president, but he is already changing his tune.(see video below) Claiming to be for peace, he states that he would in fact retaliate if someone had attacked his family.

As usual, the economy continues to be another hot topic, and as usual, most analysts and commentators ignore the part of the equation that includes the value of our dollar. The year closed out with the US dollar making slight gains against the Euro, and incremental gains against the Yen. Now if that trend can only keep up.

Along with the economic problems so called cures are the bailouts that some analyst predict will end up costing you and I trillions of dollars in the long run, some say it will be in excess of ten trillion. Again, Yee Haw! So along with the bailouts also come the beginnings of the United Socialist States of America, beginning with the socialization of GM’s GMAC and the 5 billion dollars bailout they received from us taxpayers.

It’s a right peachy deal that Hanky Panky Paulson entered into, giving the government preferred shares with a return of 8 %, and an option to receive more special investment deals down the road.

In a fit of good news, I hear that a group of 44 Right Whales has been sighted about 70 miles south of Bar Harbor in the Gulf of Maine. That’s pretty cool. Apparently the average sightings are no more than three to five at a time. The NOAA suggests that this may be a breeding ground for them. An article on the story can be found at the Bangor Daily News..

A North Atlantic Right Whale courtesy of the NOAA.

Of course, if you want to head down and charter a boat to see them, you might want to take the back way. As of 01 February, the toll rates go up on the Pike. Those moronies in Augusta seem to think it will raise another 20 plus million for highway and bridge repairs. WCSH has a video video speaking to Baldacci’s claim that we’re in for a hard time, but we’ll get through it. Baldacci claims that the next two year budget will be less than the last one presented for this session. Gee, ain’t he a smart one.

I mentioned a few days ago that the retail segment in this state was going to be hurting pretty badly, and the PPH backs up that presumption with an article saying that a net loss of approximately 2,500 jobs across the state will be lost this year in the retail segment. I’m thinking more, but who knows? The total overall is expected to be in excess of 4,300. There will be some gains to offset losses, but overall, well, be ready to cut your own budgets by quite a bit before all is said and done.


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