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Finally, at long last, somebody in the mainstream media points to the real oomph behind the economic problems we are struggling through today. An article in the NY Times says; “The long economic boom, fueled by easy credit that allowed people to spend money they did not have, led to a huge oversupply of cars, houses and shopping malls, as recent months have made clear.” The article itself deals with the surplus of milk on the market in other states, but it gets right to the point.

Wow, this next video really fooled me. I brought it up thinking it was about one of Maine’s boys home from the war zone. Well, it is, actually. Just not the state of Maine. It is from a little town in New York called Maine. Never would’ve thunk it. It’s still a good clip though.

And speaking of home for the holidays, and what that means to those who serve in the Mid East and cannot come home, Let’s take a few moments to think about protesting the war and what that really means to these boys. From a lot of the reading over the issue I have seen, one of the impressions that these young men and women get is not a good one when al they see and hear are stories of protesters on the news. The left leaning mainstream media go nowhere near far enough to broadcast the message of support that these people actually have here at home, and way too far on the Bush bashing, liberal stupidity end of it. If you want to protest, fine, it is your right. Just don’t do it outside of the military bases and office buildings. Or the airports when their planes bring them home. Go to Augusta and camp outside of Comrade Baldacci’s home and protest, or down to Washington in front of the Great B.O.’s new home we taxpayers are footing the bill for.

I’ve got a hunch our friends at Plum Creek may start making some noise again to keep us entertained later on. maybe about springtime. With the housing market tanking like it is, and the whiny credit card generation starting to have withdrawal pains, somebody’s going to have to come up with a way to sweeten the souring resort plans going on for the Moosehead region. And I’m willing to bet it ain’t gonna be TNC. They got what they came to the party for. We’ll be keeping tabs on that channel.

Along with to the Plum Creek deal going sour, we have an exodus of the Maine people working on the Winter Harbor Holdings LLC plans for an eco-resort on Schoodic. The plans that I “Citing differences in philosophy and difficulties in getting paid, two Maine firms that had been helping to develop plans for an eco-friendly resort on land abutting Acadia National Park have severed their relationships with the developer.”have heard about so far makes it sound just like a UN tutored project, right down to the green corridor and educational guides. An article in the BDN says At this point, I have to wonder what Roger Milliken has up his sleeves for the property he controls.

Getting back to the cost of utilities I brought up a few days ago, Forbes has an AP article that says “The commission already concluded that Maine ratepayers don’t get enough in return for participating in ISO-New England. Alternatives include going it alone, partnering with neighboring New Brunswick or following the staff recommendation of seeking reforms from ISO-New England.” I made note some time ago that New Brunswick was building a nuclear power plant not too far from the border. CMP has already made plans to expand and improve on the high tension distribution grid that they own, presumably to be ready for that powers availability. As usual, the leftists in this state don’t want to have anything to do with nuclear power, so be ready for protests galore when their hero, comrade Baldacci makes the agreement they’ve hatched to obtain that power public.

Sad part about that is once we leave the ISO grid and get power from Canada direct, we’ll still be stuck paying the tab for the RGGI auctions we got snookered into taking part of. That whole ball of wax should melt into a pretty ugly affair. An article by Terry McAllister of the Guardian says that “Wind developers in the US have been cutting back in the face of tough new conditions. FPL Group, the US’s largest wind-power operator, is cutting its ¬spending this year by nearly a quarter to $5.3bn (£3.7bn) and new wind-power generation from 1,500 to 1,100 megawatts.” Like I’ve said before, get ready for some action, and it will be action you won’t like. 2009 will definitely be a bad year. Especially for the green leaning leftists. I do believe Al Gore will finally be accepted by the public as just another scam man, getting rich off of his alternative energy investments.

Ayuh, that’s Dan’s Maine view for today.


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