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In a look back at my prediction for gas prices this year I had suggested a 5% gain within the first two weeks. It didn’t take long to start as the NYMEX price climbed 4.57% to close at $111.05 per gallon at the close of the markets Friday. Question is, how long will it take to reach the street level? As of this afternoon (01-04) the place where I normally fill up hadn’t changed from their $1.659 price, but I did notice a couple of stations on this side of town went up .02¢ per gallon. That’s still a far cry from 5% though. I’m still looking for $1.789 by the end of next weekend, or the 18th, actually. We’ll see what happens.

Stupid is as stupid does became a well used expression when Forrest Gump was released a few years back. Here’s a clip that seems to be the definitive to that expression. Didn’t happen here in Maine though, fortunately. I’d hate to have all them people from away think we was bumpkins or sumpin.

Our good friend Plum Creek made it back into the news again this weekend with the announcement by the USFS’s Mark Rey that the shady little deal he made with Plum Creek was a done deal. A Washington Post article says that Rey “signaled his intent to formalize the controversial change before the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.” The change would allow Plum Creek to pave what had been mere logging roads, unfit for the family sedan, and turn them into regular roadways to the benefit of the people Plum Creek is selling land and homes to.

The article also quotes the Great B.O. as saying “At a time when Montana’s sportsmen are finding it increasingly hard to access lands, it is outrageous that the Bush administration would exacerbate the problem by encouraging prime hunting and fishing lands to be carved up and closed off…” That’s a similar problem that Maine will be facing in the Moosehead region after the Plum Creek resort and condo properties have been filled, and more private land has been sold to wealthy people from away. Their properties will be posted against trespassing, effectively cutting off access to these so called easement lands TNC brokered the deal for.

The Boston Globe has an interesting, and fairly in depth article concerning the new legislative session. A key statement says “Businesses will be watching closely to see if lawmakers heard the message from voters last Nov. 4 when they overwhelmingly rejected new taxes on beer, wine and soda to pay for state-subsidized health insurance, said Jim McGregor of the Maine Merchants Association.” Good point, and I hope the new queen of hearts, Hannah Pingree, gets the message, although I don’t put a lot of hope in that. Her mother, the Pelosi clone Chellie Pingree has her much too brainwashed for her to be able to see through the people’s eyes. I can envision much higher taxation rates and even greater regulatory interference coming out of this session.

Looking forward to the 2010 election cycle, Mike Huckabee and the HuckPac folks are gearing up a new volunteer organization. Here’s his complete Blog entry on this new opportunity to spread conservatism…

January 01, 2009 – 11:50 AM
National Volunteer Team Launches Today
by Mike Huckabee

Happy New Year!

I am excited to announce the launch of our National Volunteer Team. Our goal is to identify volunteers nationwide, organize into local groups in every county of the United States and then assist Huck PAC endorsed candidates.

We have divided the country into regions and will begin recruiting leadership in every state and county. Ultimately, these leaders will be responsible for building local volunteer teams, setting up events, organizing phone banks, knocking on doors and much more. Our goal is to have at least one Huck PAC group leader in every county in the nation by the end of 2009.

This is one part of our plans but is a very important part. We want to make a difference locally in the races of the candidates we are supporting (as we did with Saxby) and we believe having a volunteer team in place will make a big difference. We had a strong record of candidate support in 2008 but we weren’t satisfied with the results.

Our country needs conservative leadership now more than ever. Important issues are at stake: tax reform, controlling spending, the 2nd Amendment, sanctity of life, traditional marriage and much more.

To join this team, please complete this volunteer form. If you are interested in making a difference and working with fellow conservatives in your community, I encourage you to sign up.

Our goal is to identify 500 volunteers by January 15 and build out from there. If you have friends that might be interested, ask them to join our team by visiting

After you signup, a National Volunteer Team Grassroots Coordinator for your state will contact you very soon.

In 2009, we hope to be very active in the Virginia and New Jersey elections. In 2010, we will be ready to have a national impact on local races.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and I hope you are as well. I will update you again very soon. In the meantime, please signup for the National Volunteer Team today.

With deep gratitude, Mike Huckabee

Please use the links and sign up to volunteer for this new effort. And keep checking back here for a review of Mikes new book, Do The Right Thing. I’ve almost finished it! It’s a great read, and Huckabee makes a lot of good points. Too bad most of the candidates we have to tolerate didn’t think this way as well.

Speaking of candidates, as I write this entry I see video on Fox News that the Great B.O. has arrived in Washington and climbed into his gas guzzling limo for the ride to the hotel. I wonder if he bought carbon credits for the ride?

Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and already people are spending the stimulus package that he suggested would be enacted after his inauguration. Here in Maine, a WDHD article says that “Congressional hearings have yet to begin on the economic stimulus plan that’s championed by President-elect Barack Obama. But already many Maine municipalities are joining the state in expressing hope of getting a piece of the stimulus pie. Towns and cities are making lists of projects that include public buildings, airports and school upgrades. Portland says it could use $60 million for its sewer system, and Biddeford and Saco are seeking more than $9 million for upgrades to their sewer systems. Sanford would like $5 million for a new police station…”

Sheesh people, can’t somebody just stop and take a deep breath before we end up on the bankruptcy auction block? Where in the heck are this billions of dollars going to come from? Anybody stopped to think about that yet?

Reuters published an article earlier today with some comments about Maine’s own Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. I had always questioned Snowe’s claim to be a Republican, and I probably will not be supporting her in her next bid because of that, but the comment on Susan Collins makes me wonder if I made the right choice this past election. Here are the comments;

Susan Collins of Maine has opposed Republican leaders by voting to maintain a ban on oil drilling in protected areas of Alaska and against conservative social issues, like banning same-sex marriage and imposing new limits on abortion. She also has voted in favor of expanded stem-cell research and providing illegal immigrants a path to U.S. citizenship.

Olympia Snowe, also of Maine, has broken ranks with many fellow Republicans in voting to increase the federal minimum wage. Like Collins, she has opposed many conservative social initiatives. She also breached Republican doctrine in 2004 when she argued for applying “pay as you go” budget rules to tax cuts as well as spending increases.

It’s one thing to ride the yellow line, but if you cross it too many times, the result is a head on, with maybe a political fatality. Remember your manners on the highway, gals. Those Democrats do not play clean.


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