Topless Coffee Shop Approved…

Posted: 09/01/2009 in Uncategorized
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Topless coffee shop. Well, it got approved unanimously by the Vassalboro powers that be. Wonder how hot the coffee will be?

Interesting that with all the crap and corruption going on in Maine today that this is the piece that gets national attention.

The Joseph Soley VS City of Portland Smack-down continues as tenants sue for costs of moving. In a PPH article from yesterday, Katherine McGovern was quoted as saying “I think our strategy is going to be to try to collaborate with the city to file a lawsuit against the landlord,” It’s seems pretty certain that Mr. Soley will be out a hefty amount of cash here. But questions remain to be answered. For one, since a fire in 2007 alerted the city to problems in the buildings, why have they waited so long to evict? Secondly, why hasn’t Mr. Soley done the responsible thing and taken care of the so called problems? Thirdly, why is the city forcing these evictions in such a short amount of time, after knowing about the situation for sixteen months? Fourthly, if the violations are rally as bad as the city claims, why did they not take the effort to alert the tenants that they were living in an unsafe situation, and that their lives may be at risk?

But the I have to ask again, are these violations really all that serious? Is the risk really as great as the city of Portland claims it is? Or is there maybe something else that’s not being addressed here? What’s hiding under the rocks in Portland’s back yard?


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