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Posted: 29/01/2009 in taxation
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First off let me say that I am proud of Susan Collins for voting against Tim Geithner’s nomination to the position of Secretary of the Treasury. On the other hand, our other Senator, Olympia Snowe, who probably won’t get my vote if she runs again, voted in favor of his nomination. Politics is a dangerous game, and with the Great B.O. in power, things are going to be changing even more, and not for the better. True Conservatives are going to be able to regain lost power as the true agenda of the OWG crowd starts to become too heavy a burden upon the American taxpayer. I still think he will be a one termer. Unless of course he suspends the US Constitution and elects hisself Prez fer life.

State-wise, I see that rules were passed in the house prohibiting text messaging while in session. Good idea. Problem I see with it that the Lobbyists might not be able to manipulate discussions on the floor. How the hell is Hannah P. and the rest of the leftists going to know what to say?

One of the new items coming from Augusta is a product of the left called An Act to Ensure Fair Pay. The law is supposed to allow 180 days for a worker to challenge a paycheck the worker thinks is discriminatory. Question I have is how is the worker supposed to know if his pay is discriminatory? The only way to find out is to compare the workers pay against other workers in the company in a similar situation and see what they are getting paid. However, doesn’t that mean that the employer has to divulge confidential information to the worker questioning the discriminatory paycheck? I mean, an employee’s files are considered personal and confidential, so if a third person looks at what that worker is making, isn’t that a breach of confidentiality? Would that not open the employer open to a lawsuit from the employee(s) whose payroll information was divulged?

I don’t have a problem with equal pay for equal work, everybody should receive a fair wage for their work. But I also believe the Feds are going too far in creating a society whereby the regulations discourage the growth and investment in the workplace. Way too many laws on the books today, and the leftist’s are still not happy.

Yesterday David Cole, Maine’s Transportation Commissioner, said that Maine could well inherit 139 million from the stimulus package being debated in Washington, provided the Congress follows what the plan says to do in doling out the bucks. 139 million ought to go a long way towards fixing up Maine’s infrastructure.

The stimulus, passed tonight by the house in a 243 to 189 vote is going to cost you and I 819 billion dollars, that’s 819,000,000,000.00 tax provided dollars. Let’s illustrate it another way; a dollar bill is six inches long, so if we put them end to end, they will reach 4,914,000,000,000 inches, or 409,500,000,000 feet, or maybe even136,500,000,000 yards. That’s a whole lotta touchdowns. A mile is 5,280 feet, so all of those bills would stretch out to 77,556,818.19 miles. Hell, the world is only 24,901 miles around so we could wrap the world thirty one times with that much cash. That’s just an approximation, and I think the math is slightly off, but you get the picture

But anyways, Cole says that maybe the money could go towards resurfacing 295’s northbound lanes, like they did the south lanes last year. I don’t know what it would cost, but since asphalt prices are dependent upon oil prices it should be substantially less. However, once the roadway is paved, where does the money go? It goes to give some construction workers a few weeks of work, and a big paving company some bucks for the till, but that’s all it does.

If Maine is going to compete in a dying marketplace for new businesses, how come the stimulus money is not going towards actually stimulating the economy? One of the options would be to reduce the tax burden overall, or develop some sort of reduced tax burden benefit for new companies. How about using the money as a no or low interest loans to hire new employees in startup companies. Maybe loans to by new equipment that would increase productivity and improve our GDP?

There are lot of ways my tax dollar could be spent, but every one of them is going to cost me more money. It will raise my tax burden. Maybe the best way to stimulate the economy would be for the governments at both the Federal and State levels to reign in expenses and cut taxes. Cut jobs at the state and local level that are non essential to the operation of the states infrastructure. Individuals and families across Maine are cutting expenses and making do without in order to make ends meet and weather this recession/depression or whatever you choose to call it. It’s the sensible thing to do.

But no, not in Maine. An AP article says “The leader of the labor union representing state government workers says Maine lawmakers should consider raising taxes to avoid job cuts.” Apparently Bruce Hobson, president of the Maine State Employees Association, pulled Comrade Baldacci aside saying that “lawmakers should consider raising revenue from those who can afford it.” Typical socialist drivel. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Robin Hood was just a fairy tale, just like Baldacci’s budget. Maybe instead of stimulating the economy, we should think about stimulating these morons.

Apparently these people are not aware of the fact that it is those who have money that provide jobs for those that don’t have any. Mr. Hobson and the rest of the union activists should bear in mind that it is we, the taxpayers who pay for his salary and all those benefits he enjoys, not Mr. Baldacci. And we, the taxpayer are getting pretty P.O.’d at having to pay more and more taxes so people like Mr. Hobson can have a pretty easy life.

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