maine ethanol, what is the cost?

Posted: 06/02/2009 in Uncategorized
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I have this neat little tool that reports on the stats regarding all the people who’ve visited my sight, don’t worry, it doesn’t tell me about the visitor, just the visit. So in looking over the last 12 months of stats I believe the people of Maine, or at least the ones who read my blog entries, are clearly concerned with two major issues today. Beyond the economy even, which is surprising. Those two issues have been the long running saga revolving around the bum Plum Creek deal we’ve been screwed with, and the fact that Maine now has ethanol in our fuel. A third place contender has been Al Gore’s favorite topic, CO2. You know, if he was smart enough to have invented the internet, how came he hasn’t come up with a solution to this catastrophe he and his UN buddies have concocted?

Anyways, the tail has indeed become bigger than the dog, and there’s no stopping it now. We have turned down that last street to never-never land, coaxed along by Comrade Gore, all gussied up in his Peter Pan outfit, ready to do battle with the evil global warming deniers, fully armed with his little broken hockey stick. And every so often, he’ll leave the safety of his ten thousand plus square foot air conditioned fortress, excuse me, mansion, and head out to his one hundred foot fiberglass houseboat powered by two 100 horsepower engines and strategize.

In a CNSN article the other day, Gore sounds like he really and truly believes the crap he’s been handing out. The article, Gore Warns Global Warming Will Bring Civilization to a ‘Screeching Halt’, quotes Gore as saying that “that if action is not taken by the United States to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the world as we know it could disappear.” Uh-huh, the world as we know it will disappear. Sure it will. Just like it did every other time it endured a major climate change, which have been ongoing since day one, by the way. I wonder if he ever listens to himself? Seriously, that is?

Uncle Al testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday, and as usual went armed with his spiffy power-point presentation. I’m sure he felt almost everybody ooh’d and aah’d over his programme, probably fully prepared by some UN flunky. But not everybody did, thankfully.

Steve Milloy of Junk Science fame shared his wit and wisdom in an opinion article at fox on his testimony, saying that “Gore seemed to “wow” the Senate Committee with images and projections of environmental and even political upheaval allegedly already caused and to be caused in the future by climate change, such as melting glaciers and the 2007 fires in Greece that, Gore says, almost brought down the government. Gore repeatedly said that global warming threatens the “future of human civilization” and could bring it to a “screeching halt” in this century. Gore said that we are on a fossil fuel “rollercoaster” that is headed for a “crash.” We are near a “tipping point,” he said, beyond which human civilization isn’t possible on this planet.” (hence the Venus Envy title here) Great piece, you really should read it, and the rest of the Junk Science articles on global warming as well.

Excellent article, and points out, sort of, that this global warming hype is more hysteria than fact. Kind of reminds me of the ‘War of the Worlds’ epic that turned the US on its edge. The Martians are attacking!!! Except that there were no Martians, there was no attack, and the world was not being destroyed. But everybody listening to the radio believed it was the truth, simply because it was on the radio.

The public has become accustomed to accepting the medias representations as being truthful and honest without any discussion of fact or merit. That is why, at least in my opinion, global warming has moved from a simple devious plot hatched by the UN to impose a global taxation program into a runaway train to disaster.

Everything we do today is based upon a theoretical carbon footprint that has become the advertising tool of this new century. Reduce your CO2 output and save the world! But while we are busy reducing our CO2 output, what are we ignoring? What damage are we causing because we miss the things that really matter? How much will obeisance to the UN driven mantra of global warming really cost us in the long run?

Here in Maine we have had E10 forced upon us without discussion in the public market. There was no serious debate as to whether or not it was worth the cost in the long run. It is not worth the cost. E10 causes reduced mileage, forcing us to burn and buy more fuel. As temperature decreases, noxious emissions such as NO and SO2 increase at an exponential rate. E10 also causes phase separation causing more water in your combustion cycle. And on and on, but we’ll be looking at these issues as the Obamanation continues to destroy the last free bastion of democracy in this world.

It’s kind of like, actually just like, the MBTE issue we had here in Maine. The stuff causes cancer. The government of Maine knew that. the stuff did not get consumed in the combustion process. The government of Maine knew that. Where would this stuff go if it did not get consumed? It went into the groundwater and started showing up in Maine’s drinking water.

The whole idea of adding stuff to gasoline is to oxygenate it. It is called raising the octane level. We already have a higher octane level gasoline available at the pump. Most stations have three different levels of octane rated gasoline available. What’s the deal with that? I think I just might look into that.

The whole problem I have with all of this renewable fuel argument is that none of this fuel is actually renewable. Once you consume fuel, you are left with waste product. The question we should be asking is what kind of waste product are we willing to live with? The argument is not for renewable fuels, which is in fact a futile goal, but for an alternative energy source. I don’t see where ethanol is, in the long run, a viable alternative. Sure, there are a lot of feedstock sources and ways to manufacture it. But what is the true cost, and what is the end result of using ethanol? Currently, ethanol is cheap because it is a subsidized fuel, paid for in part by our tax dollars. What will the cost be if those subsidies disappear?

A six year old ethanol company goes belly up. What’s the real cost here?

CO2 is not a source of global warming. We only have two sources of warming. One is solar energy, the other is thermal processes from our planets core. Facts are facts, and most of what the leftist community wants you to believe as facts are not. This next clip shows just how big the dogs tail has gotten.


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