Stimulus? Ridiculous!

Posted: 08/02/2009 in Uncategorized
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“It’s about helping the people” she says….

The stimulus bill is indeed about helping. The government helping themselves to our paychecks that is. But these people in Washington that we are stupid enough to keep sending back don’t appear to see it that way, that’s for sure.

I watched the Video’s of Susan Collins address to Madame Pelosi and the rest of the Senate. Susan’s a polite woman, isn’t she? The truth is, this stimulus has no business even existing, let alone being passed. We realize that the true problem facing us, at least regarding the current recession, is that we are too greedy, and lazy, as a nation. And yet our government, who should be leading by example, insists upon keeping the legend of easy living alive by increasing our tax burden.

Let’s face it. The reason this recession exists has many facets, but the most prominent one has become the issue and availability of credit. The Banking Bailout was supposed to inject more money into the financial stream by way of new loans. Why? We already know we are overextended as a nation, why increase the debt load?

It is indeed a controversy. Should we jump start the economy by increasing our nation tax and regulatory burden? Or should this bill be thrown in the trash, and should our elected representatives get down to work representing us instead? It seems neither one of our Senators from Maine seem to think the latter. Both Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins want to see this bill passed in some form of a compromise package. I wonder, did Susan sell her soul to gain her spot on the appropriations committee?

Along with Arlen Spectors support, the bill is expected to narrowly pass in the Democrat controlled Senate. By-by payroll. A Fox news article says that “Collins said she broke ranks with her party because of the progress congressional negotiators had made on the bill.” She not only broke ranks with the GOP, she broke ranks with the people who supported her re-election bid. I for one am seriously disappointed with that act. Not that it really matters what I think. Collins bragged about the fact that a mere 110 billion had been cut from the bill in negotiations.

Snowe, after expected fashion, “has kept a low profile since the deal was struck, while Specter said Friday night that the agreement wasn’t perfect but it was necessary.” Not surprising, given the fact that she is a closet Liberal, just waiting to be outed at the right moment. Snowe is a lost cause as far as I am concerned. I can’t wait to see who will jump up to run against her in the next election round.

Collins, on the other hand may have some hope at being worth having been re-elected. The article goes on to say;

Collins didn’t rule out the possibility of changing her mind after Senate and House negotiators work out the differences between the bills approved by the two bodies.

“It’s important we get this bill to the president’s desk as soon as possible,” she told FOX News. “But if the bill that comes back to the Senate from the conference committee is once again bloated with wasteful spending and it’s too expensive, then I’ll vote against it.”
She added that she believes the support from her and the other two GOP senators “helps to put pressure on the conference to keep the costs down and to focus on spending and tax relief that will really help create jobs and turn our economy around.”
Time will tell, and it will be a short time. This bill has no business being in existence. Instead of looking at ways to increase taxation and controls over the people of this nation, the people we send to Washington should be looking at ways to be reducing taxation and regulation. That is what will truly jump start this Nation’s economy. A hope that things may turn around, not another Socialist hand-out like other nations that do not hold freedom to the same esteem as we do. We are now trillions of dollars in debt, and to who? When the dark angel of bankruptcy comes knocking at our door, who will he be serving papers for?


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